The effect of technology and sugar website on cooking

Fortunately, one of the most important areas related to the step-by-step advances in technology is industry Cooking And the various sub-sectors of this industry are popular all over the world. make smart Home kitchen equipment And industry and the activities of different startups and presenting new models in the field of different styles Cooking, Are considered as important and main achievements of technological progress in the culinary industry. Ghandpahloo Cooking Magazine, using all the developments and developments in the field of cooking, has been able to synchronize its activities with the latest technologies in the world and provide them to its users.

What is the Culinary Industry?

Cooking is one of the most attractive, lucrative, diverse and essential professions. Over the past several years, this popular industry has undergone many changes and has been able to take an effective step to meet the nutritional needs of today’s human societies. Today, the introduction of technology-related innovations and inventions in this field is very important and leads to the formation of a special style of cooking and serving and teaching the principles related to the culinary industry. The greatest impact of technological advances on the cooking industry goes back to the design and production of kitchen equipment and various cooking training applications and food delivery services.

قندپهلو, وبسیت cooking training Confectionery also covers culinary and restaurant knowledge and food properties. Currently, about 8,000 articles have been published on this website, thanks to which, with the available categories, you can access all traditional, local and international dishes.

قندپهلو سایت

Ghandpahloo website has recently started its activity in English to introduce traditional and local Iranian cuisine to the whole world.

The impact of technology on the culinary industry

In general, the impact of technological advances on the culinary industry can be summarized as follows:

1. Kitchen smartening

Smart home and industrial kitchens are considered as one of the important influences of technological progress in this field. Various types of gadgets, applications and smartphones related to cooking, are among the other effects of technology, which have led to the formation of services in the process of intelligent kitchens. The process of kitchen smartening is also implemented in many private and public agencies and is not limited to home kitchens. The preparation of coffee, tea, tea and hot drinks, the preparation of the shopping list and breakfast ceremonies are among the important services and the effects of technological advances on the culinary industry.

۲. Modern equipment of the culinary industry

Thanks to technology-driven devices, such as smartphones and tablets and smart bracelets, special cooking instructions and applications in various styles and diets are provided online and offline. This part of the effects of technological advancement, compared to other services created, is more widespread among users and has been more widely welcomed.

3. Use of social networks

Today, the use of software, messaging applications, social networks and websites such as «قندپهلو» It is one of the common and main applications and effects of technological progress in the field of culinary industry. This part of technology contributes significantly to the unrestricted development of food cultures around the world and facilitates the process of cooking and familiarity with easy, fast, cost-effective and modern cooking styles and techniques.

The impact of technology on industrial kitchens

Certainly one of the dramatic effects of technology is the new approach to the processes of cooking, selecting, ordering, purchasing and serving restaurant and industrial kitchens. These changes and developments have been achieved thanks to the design and production of new equipment and tools in the establishment and operation of restaurants and industrial kitchens and small and large restaurants.

industrial kitchen

Designing and supplying timer systems equipped with automatic cutters as an important feature of modern cooking equipment is an effective step to reduce costs and waste time. Appliances such as microwaves, microwaves and modern stoves are other developments and changes resulting from technological advances in the culinary industry.

Use digital menu boards

Design, production and use of digital menu boards are other technology-oriented changes in the space of food preparation and distribution centers that provide easy and comprehensive information. Digital menu boards have eliminated the need for daily food menu changes and prices. Digital menu boards allow users to view the menu of all foods and their ingredients. Today, most restaurant and corporate food preparation and distribution centers use these signs. The possibility of installing and using the application of food supply centers and units, restaurants, corporate food preparation centers, especially fast foods is another advantage of technological advances in the field of cooking that has been able to have a significant impact on the process of ordering and receiving food online.

The impact of technology on the future of the culinary industry

In general, it can be said that the culinary industry owes much to the advances made in the world of technology. Despite all the technological changes in the culinary field, it is still hoped that a bright and prosperous future awaits services related to the culinary industry around the world and that amazing changes will take place in this field.

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