The end of the Soul animation was originally supposed to be much different

Pete Doctor confirmed in a new interview that they had several different endings for the Soul animation.

Spoiler Warning: Continuation of this news reveals the end of Soul animation; So if you have not yet watched the new Pixar animation, please refrain from reading the rest of the news.




Finally, last Friday, Soul animation, Pixar’s new work, was released from the Disney Plus streaming service and was able to attract very positive reviews from critics and viewers. Pete Doctor, A two-time Academy Award-winning director who has directed animations such as Monsters Inc animation, Up animation, and Inside Out animation, has directed and written the Soul animation screenplay, and In this animation, the presence of voice actors such as Jimmy Foxx, Tina Phi, Filicia Rashad, David Diggs, Quest Love, Angela Bast, Graham Norton, Rachel House, Richard Iwadi, Alice Braga, Wes Studio, John Squibb and Sakineh Jafari, Are.

Souls animation souls selling pizza

However, the end of the Soul animation was very controversial and now in the latest Movie and TV news, The creators of the animation of the soul say of its different endings. At the end of the animation we saw that 22 finally landed and then Joe Gardner had another chance to live, but the Soul animation was not always supposed to end like this. In an interview with ET, Pete Doctor confirmed that the outcome of the main character of the animation was one of the issues discussed until the end of the animation process. In some endings, Joe Gardner was supposed to stay dead and go to The Great Beyond, and in some endings, he was going to continue his life, some of which were to be very emotional and some of which were hilarious. The doctor said:

“Until the last moment and the final version of the animation, there was a lot of talk about the end of it, and for a long time Joe was going to go to The Great Beyond, but I think the more we watched his life, the more it was just his mother, Liba. “And he thought and paid attention to various other factors. He seemed to have learned a lot now, and the right end is that he can come back to life and enjoy it and experience it the way he wants.”

Joe Gardner with a boy in the soul anime

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Joe Gardner learned during the Soul animated adventure that life is more than just pursuing a single, specific goal, and more when his soul version became the teacher of another soul, 22, to help him prepare for life on earth. Learned from living, and giving Joe Gardner another chance to live seems to have been the right decision. Another issue, however, was what the atmosphere was supposed to be like. However, Camp Powers, The assistant director and writer of Soul animation, explained that the decision-making process for the ending of the animation was very diverse:

“We had versions of the ending in which Joe did not return to his body and actually remained dead. We had other versions of the ending in which we saw the atmosphere on Earth a year later. “The end of the Soul animation caused more discussion than any other element of the film.”

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