The Galaxy S21 Ultra has four cameras and comes without a charger

In the latest episode of the seemingly endless series of information and renderings of the Galaxy S21 series phones, other details of the most powerful phone in the family, the Galaxy S21 Ultra (Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra), were revealed. Recent media information Winfire Revealed, confirming some previous rumors.

While there is not much time left until the start of the Samsung special event early next year for the unveiling of the Galaxy S21 series, in recent times we have seen almost daily information and pictures of them and now we know practically everything about Samsung’s new phones.

Thanks to new information, we can have a more comprehensive view of the features of the Galaxy S21 Ultra, especially its camera. Overall, it seems that Samsung has decided to focus on hardware in order to seriously compete with its latest flagship Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro Max.

According to reports, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra will be equipped with two telephoto cameras with triple and tenx magnification. The focal lengths of the two cameras will be 72 and 240 mm, respectively. Both of Samsung’s new handsets are also said to feature optical image stabilization (OIS). The Galaxy S20 Ultra had three main cameras on the back panel, which means that the Koreans have decided to use one more camera on the back of the S21 Ultra than the previous generation.

The telephoto camera, which offers 10x magnification, has a periscope mechanism that we’ve seen in some other phones before. In short, in a periscope camera, light is deflected from the main path to increase the final focal length and allow for greater magnification. The periscope mechanism allows magnification to be achieved more than normal without the need to increase the thickness of the device too much. Samsung had previously used a periscope mechanism in the Galaxy S20 Ultra telephoto camera.

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We expect Samsung to once again have the ability to combine magnification (Halso provide ybrid Zoom). The Galaxy S20 Ultra was able to magnify subjects that were far away, thanks to a version of the combined zoom that Samsung called Space Zoom.

Galaxy S21 Ultra Unofficial Render White Main Front Camera

Samsung apparently plans to make other improvements to the Galaxy S21 Ultra camera. The phone’s 108-megapixel main camera will be equipped with a lens with a focal length of 24 mm; The S20 Ultra, on the other hand, used a 26mm lens. Samsung has also decided to bring laser autofocus technology to the S21 Ultra; A feature that the S20 Ultra lacked; But on the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra was introduced.

Despite the similarities on paper between the main camera of the S21 Ultra and the S20 Ultra, Samsung has used a new sensor in its 2021 flagship that enhances the final image quality, according to informed sources.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max can be called the current biggest competitor to the Galaxy S21 Ultra; A state-of-the-art device that combines hardware power with eye-catching design; For this reason, the S21 Ultra must be excellent in every way to compete with the iPhone 12 Pro Max in the market.

In recent years, Samsung has tried to play with numbers and put strong hardware components in its handsets. This statement also includes the camera of the Galaxy series phones. Samsung has increased the use of its proprietary sensors and will not equip its handsets with Sony sensors. In addition, Samsung was one of the first companies to use dual and triple cameras in its handsets.

One of the reasons why Samsung is focusing so much on camera hardware is that the Korean company has not yet reached the level of Apple and Google in terms of computational photography. Apple and Google use a lot of computing photography and increase the final image quality with software method. Thanks to computational photography, excellent images can be captured even without a very powerful camera.

Samsung has recently been able to get a lot closer to the competition with features such as Night Mode. However, another year has passed and Samsung needs to appear stronger in the field of computing photography than last year in order to better compete with Apple’s flagship.

In the field of video, Samsung can also appear brighter. The company also plays with numbers in the field of video (such as the ability to record 8K video on the S21 Ultra); But in the end, expert research shows that iPhones perform better in many cases.

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In the new report, WineFutcher mentions some other features that are not related to the camera. The media confirms that the 6.8-inch display of the Galaxy S21 Ultra is equipped with a system of variable refresh rates up to 120 Hz and has a mode to reduce energy consumption that it inherited from the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra also supports the S Pen, according to WinFocher; But this pen is sold separately. In addition, Samsung plans to follow in Apple’s footsteps and launch the Galaxy S21 series phones without a charger. Samsung, like Apple, will probably cite environmental damage to the chargers as the main reason for removing them from the S21.

At the moment, we do not know the time of the official introduction of the Galaxy S21 series phones; But all the whistleblowers agree on January 14, 2021.

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