The Galaxy Z Fold 3 comes with a smaller display

After the successful launch of the Galaxy Z Fold 2, it was not far-fetched to expect Samsung to be ready for the next generation of its foldable device series. Sales of more than 2 million Samsung clamshells by 2020 have prompted Koreans to focus more on clamshells; Samsung is expected to launch a variety of models with a foldable display in 2021.

Rumors circulating in cyberspace indicate that the Galaxy Z Fold 3 will be launched with a smaller screen compared to the previous model; Because Samsung designers are looking to use the free space inside the phone to replace the S Pen.

Recently, a senior Samsung executive announced that some of the popular features of the Galaxy Note series will be added to other Korean products. In this regard, there have been speculations that the Galaxy S21 Ultra from the Galaxy S21 series and the Galaxy Z Fold 3 will have a touch pen.

The release of the list by the FCC reveals that the Galaxy S21 Ultra is not only licensed in the United States; It also supports pens. However, it is unclear whether the Galaxy S21 Ultra will come with a touch pen or users will be able to purchase it separately alongside Samsung’s next-generation flagship.

However, the situation is slightly different for the Galaxy Z Fold 3. With a redesign of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 design, the internal display dimensions (in wide mode) will be reduced from 7.59 inches to the Galaxy Z Fold 2 to 7.55 inches, and the external display will be reduced from 6.23 inches to 6.21 inches. Apparently, the reason for reducing the dimensions will be the installation of a place for the S Pen.

Samsung also plans to change the internal display dimensions of the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Z Flip Light from 6.67 inches (Galaxy Z Flip screen dimensions) to 6.7 inches. The internal refresh rate of the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Z Flip Lite also reaches 120 Hz, which is an ideal option for watching content or experiencing Android games.

The Koreans also plan to change the order of their products. In fact, next year the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Galaxy Z Fold 3 will hit the market. The same thing happened with the Galaxy Note and S series, and after the launch of the Galaxy Note 5, Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 7 to have the same model number as the Galaxy S7 series.

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