The Huawei P50 series will come with a Harmony operating system

Yesterday, Huawei released the beta version of the Harmony 2 operating system for fans to experience. This operating system can be an alternative to Android, and Huawei’s main goal in releasing its beta version is to give Chinese developers the opportunity to build various applications for it; Because Huawei plans to launch the first Harmony 2-based smartphones next year.

Following the Trump administration’s crackdown on Huawei, the Chinese company’s products lost access to some of Android’s features, including the Play Store and Google’s proprietary apps; For this reason, Huawei has introduced an alternative to the Play Store called App Gallery. However, the Chinese company leaders decided to develop a native operating system in addition to using the Android operating system for their products.

The first version of the Harmony operating system was developed for products such as home appliances and smart objects, and the second version is ready for use with Huawei tablets and smartphones. Huawei’s mid-range or low-end products were expected to hit the market first with the Harmony 2 operating system; But reports suggest that the P50 series, Huawei’s next-generation flagship smartphones, will also be based on the Harmony 2.

In any case, it seems far-fetched that Huawei will launch the P50 series in all markets of the world with the Harmony 2 operating system, and such a version of Huawei’s new flagship series will probably be limited to the Chinese market. The interesting thing about the operating system while Huawei is developing is the possibility of running Android applications.

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At present, Huawei’s share of major markets such as Europe is declining and the company is unable to sell in the United States; Therefore, the introduction of smartphones with Harmony 2 operating system can bring Huawei back into the arena of competition. It goes without saying that it is not yet clear whether Huawei’s relationship with the United States will improve or that it will continue to make it impossible for the Chinese company to operate in the United States as the US government changes after Trump’s tenure.

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In recent months, Huawei has gone through difficult days, not limited to Google’s software limitations. The Chinese company, for example, has struggled to make crane chips and is working with companies such as Qualcomm and MediaTek to supply the parts it needs.

What do you think of Zomit users? Are you ready to experience the Harmony 2 operating system or do you still like using the Android operating system?

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