The Importance of Advertising on Google to Increase Sales with Jay AdWords

Most people in today’s world go to Google to get answers from millions of websites. According to statistics, Google has 90% of Internet users. After seeing the Google search results, you click on the first few links on the results page. Here it is The importance of advertising on Google to increase sales Shows itself.

Have you ever seen websites with Ads next to or at the bottom of the Google page? These are ads on Google. J AdWords helps you top up your Google AdWords account and build standard advertising campaigns on Google to get the most clicks from Google at the lowest cost.

When you start a business, your most important goal is to increase traffic and sales, and the most cost-effective online advertising platform in terms of cost and time. Google AdWords Is; Because by advertising on Google, you can pay per click, that is, you only pay when the user searches for the keyword you have budgeted for and then clicks on your website link. So you will not be charged for displaying your ads. In short, it can be said: “cost only per click”. It’s amazing, isn’t it ?!

Initially, each person uses different methods such as improving SEO and website to reach the first pages of Google and be seen by customers. However, keep in mind that SEO takes a long time for you to get the best Google results for a limited number of keywords. With Google AdWords, you can be on the first pages of Google in a matter of minutes for any number of keywords you want, and transform your website and sales.

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According to research, 45% of businesses from Ads on Google to increase traffic They use themselves. Keep in mind that Google can connect you to potential customers of your business by providing features such as targeting your audience.

Google AdWords has different platforms for advertising; Including ads in search results, display ads, video ads, and app installation ads. For example, Google Display Advertising has an average of 180 billion views per month to users, which is about 6 billion per day, and this shows the large audience of Google ads and the popularity of this advertising platform in the world.

According to statistics, 61% of the costs that people pay for Google AdWords are lost due to mismanagement and inefficient advertising campaigns without any feedback. So be careful when managing your AdWords account, or if you do not have the time or experience, leave it to an experienced advertising agency that cares about managing your advertising campaigns.

جی ادورز

You may be wondering: “Is it possible to use Google AdWords and its services in Iran as well?” Yes! You can do this easily and refer to the official Google advertising representative in Iran at any time and top up your AdWords account.

Jay AdWords Company, The official representative of Google advertising in Iran with the lowest commission And the cost can recharge your Google AdWords account as quickly as possible, and rely on the experience of their experts, all of whom have valid licenses for Google advertising professional courses, to be a good option for managing your Google AdWords account. In this collection, experienced experts Having done ads on Google for many years can help you create targeted tips and advertising campaigns.

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Also, by visiting the training center available on Jay AdWords website, you can use the most up-to-date training materials in the field of Google advertising training, Google AdWords account management training, Google Analytics training and dozens of other training materials, and if you need free advice, Call 02188559931.

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