The iPad Pro with a mini LED display will arrive in the first quarter of 2021

Following the spread of rumors about the new generation of iPad Pro and Apple’s interest in using the mini LED display, the latest Digitimes report once again confirms this story. Evidence shows that Apple has changed its supply chain, and from now on new partners will be involved in supplying its products.

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According to the report, Apple has diversified its product chain for displays and touch panels, and the BOE (Chinese display manufacturer) will supply a percentage of the OLED panels used in the iPhone, and GIS will provide touch-sensitive screens for the iPhone. And the iPad will provide.

According to supply chain sources, GIS for August and November 2020 amounted to Taiwan $ 2.198 billion (US $ 76.3 million) and Taiwan $ 1.421 billion through subsidiaries in The Chinese city of Chengdu has invested. The budget is expected to be used to expand the production capacity of the integrated touch module for the iPad, and another $ 753 million (Taiwan currency symbol) is expected to be injected into the investment to improve production line automation. According to sources, the subsidiaries have already started producing integrated touch modules for the iPad and MacBook (possibly Touch Bar).

In addition to iPhones, GIS is believed to have integrated touchscreens for use in the iPad Pro’s 12.9-inch miniLED backlit displays. The iPad is expected to launch in the first quarter of 2021. The tech giant has been planning to move away from the traditional 12.9-inch iPad Pro LED backlight for some time and use mini LED backlight technology.

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The mini LED backlight, as its name implies, is made up of very small LEDs. The main difference between mini LEDs and traditional LED displays is the number of backlight sources. In short, traditional displays require several hundred LEDs for exposure; Mini LED displays, on the other hand, can accommodate thousands of LEDs due to their reduced size. With these features, these displays bring more contrast and brightness and a deeper black color. These monitors are LCD; But they offer OLED display features at a cheaper price.

So far, contradictory news has been published about the next generation iPad Pro. For example, Apple product analyst Ming-Chi Koo believes that the iPad Pro with a mini-LED display will be launched in the late first half of 2021; But today’s Digitimes report states that the first shipment of the new generation iPad Pro will be launched in the first half of 2021.

Last month, the Korean website The Elec reported that Apple plans to launch new batches of the iPad Pro with OLED displays in the second half of 2021, and Samsung and LG have begun developing and testing the display; Of course, it should be noted that many sources and analysts have rejected this report; According to rumors, Apple plans to unveil at least one iPad Pro model with a mini LED backlight in the first half of 2021; Therefore, it is unlikely that in a short time it will change the display technology of the iPad again and use the OLED display.

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