The Iranian Red Crescent buys the corona vaccine from China

According to the head of the Iranian Red Crescent Society, the center is participating in the purchase of the corona vaccine by order of the Minister of Health. In an interview with ISNA, Karim Hemmati announced that consultations for the purchase of the vaccine have begun and the price and type of the vaccine will be determined in coordination with the Food and Drug Administration. Hemmati added: “… In any case, our source is the resources available in the market that will be provided.”

According to the head of the Red Crescent Society, in the first phase, one million doses will be purchased by this organization; “But one of the donors is also helping us buy some vaccines from abroad and send them to us, but the number of vaccines is not large.”

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According to ISNA, the source from which the Red Crescent is supposed to provide the corona vaccine is China. Vaccines are also being purchased through the Kwax Fund, which provides approved vaccines for equitable access to all countries, and the governor announced a few days before the prepayment problem was resolved. According to Abdul Nasser Hemmati, the corona vaccine may reach Iran in late December at best.

Human trials of the Iranian corona vaccine will begin soon, and according to the secretary of the National Corona Anti-Corruption Headquarters, 60,000 Iranians have volunteered for the trial injection.


The head of the executive staff of Farman Imam, which is the first company to receive a human testing license for the Iranian corona vaccine, says that the company can reach a monthly production capacity of 1.5 million doses in the next 40 days and a monthly production capacity of 12 million in the next six months. Dose.

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The Minister of Health also announced today the start of the human test of the second Iranian Corona vaccine next week.

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