The Justice League Dark comic series showed the consequences of defeating Frost King

Infinite Winter continues in episode 29 of the Justice League Dark comic book series, showing a great hero sacrificing his life to stop Frost King in the 10th century.

Warning: Continuation of this article may reveal parts of the story of episode 29 of the Justice League Dark comic book series.




The comic book event Endless Winter, which was announced some time ago, released the powerful character Frost King in the DC world. This villain has covered the whole world in a giant blizzard and has sent his army of ice monsters to the members of the Justice League. The superheroes are in a tight spot at this point in time, and it looks like Frost King is so powerful he can’t be stopped at all. Of course, he had stopped once in the past; In a very distant time and in the 10th century. As promised, throughout the event, flashbacks are displayed that introduce us to Frost King’s first attack in the 900s.

At the time, members of the Viking Justice League were working hard to stop the villain. Now in episode 29 of the Justice League Dark comic book series, we finally realize how the first DC superhero team in the world was able to defeat and stop this villain; Of course, their victory came at the cost of the life of the Viking prince. Justice League Viking was a team assembled in the 10th century by Swamp Ting and led by him. After Frost King attacked for the first time, his blizzard affected Green. This made the creature look for the most powerful heroes.

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Swamp Ting asked these heroes to help in the mission against this villain and defeat this creature. Likewise, Swamp Ting hired the Amazon queen, Hippolyta, the ancient hero or Viking prince, as well as the former hero of the Shazm Wizard, Black Adam. The four heroes went to Frost King and his army of icy monsters. But they realized that this villain is extremely powerful. In fact, his abilities were so great and powerful that he managed to kill Swamp Ting during this battle. Fortunately, there was a hero in the middle who decided to take his own life and use it to defeat this villain; The same Viking prince.

Viking Prince's character killed by Frost King

In episode 29 of the same series, a flashback to the Endless Winter crossover event showed us how the battle between Frost King and members of the Viking Justice League went and what the outcome was. On top of a collapsing glacier, superheroes confront the icy villain and his army. While Black Adam and Hippolyta were fighting ice monsters, the Viking prince was involved in a battle with Frost King. The two characters fought with their swords, and the villain of the story finally won the battle. He inserted his sword into the body of the Viking prince from the chest; This was while this hero continued to fight in those conditions.

He was able to stop Frost King and then send both himself and the villain to the gap in the refrigerator. As they were falling, what was left of Frost King’s humanity was completely destroyed. Eventually, the two characters were buried deep in the ice. The Viking prince was cursed with immortality, and only a heroic death could finally give him access to Valhalla; Where Norse warriors can rest. It was with this sacrifice that the hero was finally able to calm down and save the world from this icy monster. The main battle against Frost King was a fierce battle that eventually claimed the lives of two heroes. Now, after all these years, this villain is back and he has more power than ever. Should another hero sacrifice his life now so that the Justice League can stop this villain this time as well?

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