The King in Black comic event destroyed a fragile alliance between the heroes

The greatest heroes of Marvel’s world are forced to endure a great change among themselves, following the massive invasion of the Null forces in part 2 of the King in Black comic book series.

Warning: The continuation of this article may reveal parts of the story of part 2 of the King in Black comic book series.




As soon as Nal, the dark god of the Symbiotes, arrived on planet Earth, everyone soon realized that this threat could officially lead to the complete destruction of the entire Marvel universe; A very big threat that threatens the human race with extinction. This has caused the heroes to put aside their differences and unite with each other; Build a defensive wall against the symbiotic army that is constantly attacking them. One of the most prominent and well-known groups in the defense team in this event is the X-Men team; Those who recently established their mutant country called Krakow to live a peaceful life.

By establishing this utopia, they pursued a relatively isolationist policy so as not to be involved in any interference by the government and the oppression of ordinary people. In this event, the children of Atom decided to expand their aid and help the most powerful heroes of the earth to protect their planet with their help. But the problem is that it is not long since this alliance has poured its poison into them; Before this fragile alliance could show its impact on the King in Black event, it was destroyed by Nal. The great and powerful members of the X-Men, including Cyclops and Storm, were among the heroes behind Captain America.

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The most powerful heroes of the earth in conquering the null symbiotes

They went to the heart of Manhattan as a special group from the land of Krakow to defend it. Of course, as Nal expected, he was able to easily destroy this defensive wall that was built to slow him down. He also left his symbiotic monsters as he made his way to New York City to destroy everything. Storm and Cyclops, despite their brave defense, were still among those captured by the Symbiotes. They immediately joined the loyal army of Nal; Nal was assembling his army to destroy Dylan Brock. Because he had so much power over the symbiotes.

When the heroes survived the initial attack and returned to the Baxter building to heal, we saw that Blade’s character was involved in a holographic contact. In this contact, he spoke with Professor X and Magneto, which was more like a verbal conflict; Those who were considered mutant leaders in the land of Krakow. They feared that the X-Men they had sent to support the Avengers would soon be defeated and captured by the Nal forces. Xavier and Magneto, determined not to repeat the same mistake twice and not to risk more mutants, refused to send more cracks.

Blade character arguing with Magneto and Professor X.

They even decided to close their borders completely, thereby defending their newly established country against the Symbiotes; With their own methods; Instead of giving their lives to a series of useless human beings. The mutants still played an important and active role behind the borders of Krakow after the founding of Krakow later this year at Dawn of X. But the King in Black event made the nation more recognizable to the outside world and established the largest Marvel alliance between them and the rest of the superhero community. Just when Krakow decided to appear in the outside world and work with them, things went awry.

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The defeat of the heroes in stopping Nal from settling on planet Earth, as well as the disappearance of a number of important members of the X-Men team and their conquest by the symbiotes, soon destroyed the channels of cooperation between humans and mutants; At the same time, the heroes of the earth need their cooperation and support the most. Mistrust and mutual tension have long been at odds with mutants and much of the superhero community. Now this catastrophic defeat has clearly exposed these gaps. The King in Black event has put a lot of pressure on the heroes; They have to seek refuge elsewhere, and when they make fragile connections, everything falls apart.

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