The King in Black Event: All that Null’s character has created in Marvel

In King in Black, Nal, the god of the Symbiotes, reached the planet Earth and destroyed everything in his path, but at the same time he created a series of things.

As mentioned in the previous news, Nal, the god of the Sibbiots, has destroyed many things in his conquests and has destroyed many lives in his path. Long before the King in Black event, Nal began his quest for eternal darkness. This mission led him to consider different worlds for himself, to conquer them and to immerse them in the black masses. He was sending his army of dragons across the galaxy to look for new lights that he could reach them and destroy them all.

In addition to all this, Nal has been creative in this era and has created different things. Now, in this short article, we want to show you exactly what Nal has created during this time that can help him in the mission he has created for himself in the Marvel universe; A mission during which Nal tries to plunge the whole world into a huge vacuum and destroy everything.

A completely black necrotic weapon with a null character

  • All-Black The Necrosword:

The first symbiote was the Necrosord Al Black, created by Nal. This symbiote was created when Nal first encountered the celestials. At that time, Nal lived peacefully in his absolute darkness and had no problems. But at the same time, the light of creation of these creatures disturbed the peace of Nal. That’s why he created his first special shadow. In the next step, he drew a sword from the living darkness to use it. Nal used Al Black to behead a celestial. After doing so, Nal took up arms with him on subsequent adventures to kill every single creature that disturbed his peace. When Nal fell, Al Black found his way to Gad God Butcher and was handed over to him; Of course, after a while, both the grave itself and the sword were destroyed by Thor.

The character of Void Knight made by Nal

  • Void Knight:

When Silver Surfer was launched billions of years ago, it felt a special force; The force that was trying to find a way to end all beings … before anything started. After some research, Surfer arrived in the land of the symbiote, Klyntar. Upon learning of Silver Surfer’s arrival, Nal brought a symbiote out of the planet’s heart to merge with Silver Surfer. When this merger took place, Wade Knight was born. Although the appearance of this character seemed very scary and at the same time attractive, but he was never shown as he should and maybe his full potential; Because he was soon killed by a living planet called Igo.

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Unsuccessful Exolon Symbiote, made by Nal

One of Null’s first attempts to manipulate and control living darkness was to create symbiotes that were eventually considered failure by the dark god himself. Thus, he released these failed symbiots into an area of ​​space known as the Exoteric Latitude. When a group of Kerry explorers encountered these null creatures, they immediately joined them; Just as Klyntar symbionts connected to their hosts. Although Axolone sibbiotes are not as powerful as Clintar, they still look scary. It is said that they feed on the spirit of their hosts to the last drop. Of course, the Kerry hero, Reith, was able to resist this side effect and take control of himself as well as that symbiote.

Sibbiot Mister E, made by Nal

  • Mister E:

A villain who once appeared several decades ago has recently returned to comic books in a terrifying and fascinating way in the current event. In addition to appearing in the Symbiote Spider-Man comic book series, he has shown how different it is from the previous version and how it has changed. When the villain first appeared in the comic book world, he came out of the shadows to blacken the sun. It was at this point that he first encountered Captain Universe, and a fight ensued between them. From any angle, looking at a Mr. is a serious threat.

He seems to like connecting with other symbiotes more than anything else. This fact makes the black and symbiotic Spider-Man costume belonging to Peter Parker no exception. To date, not much information has been released about Mr. E and his origins. In addition, it is not yet clear exactly what role he plays in Null programs. But whatever it is, it certainly can not lead to positive answers.

The Dragon of Sibmut, made by the character of the null god of the Sibmutians

  • Symbiotic Dragons:

Symbiotic dragons are in fact giant, winged monsters made up of living darkness and emptiness; These dragons are one of the first black creatures. These giant creatures are not only Nal’s personal peaks in his mission to conquer various worlds, but they are also powerful weapons; Weapons that come down from the sky just like raindrops and bring their darkness into each and every inhabitant who may be useful to Nal and become an important member of his symbiotic army. A dragon is scary in itself; Let alone when it is composed of living darkness. The scariest thing about them is that they can cover all the planets, create a symbiotic shell around them that darkens the planet’s sky, and then consolidate their position as part of the null forces.

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Various sibbiots, made by their dark god, Nal

Axolin may be considered a failure, but it is safe to say that Clinter symbiotes, such as Venom and Carnegie, are undoubtedly one of his greatest achievements; Of course, in addition to being the most well-known creatures, they are also considered null. In recent years, the importance of these symbiotes in the reign of Nal has become even clearer and even greater. It has been revealed that their specific genetic cryptography contains information and knowledge as well as very important experience within them, which can increase the power of this symbiotic king. With every symbiote he retrieves, Nal can increase his power even more, become more savage, and also more deadly. Their place in the Marvel universe has been established for decades. But now it seems that putting them in the spotlight is just a prelude to what is happening right now.

Dark Carnage character, Nal creature

  • Dark Carnage:

It is very likely that Clydes Cassidy is the most savage and deadly villain in Marvel. When he became associated with Venom’s symbiotic son, he became a Carnegie and was able to make a name for himself and spread his violence to several brothers. He has died several times during this time, but that did not make him silent for long. When members of the New Dark Church stole Cassidy’s body, they intended to turn it into a new ship; That too by linking him to a part of Symbiote Grandel. At first, Cassidy became attached to Null through a psychological connection and began a mad savagery.

During this time, he killed individuals who had previously been linked to his own symbiote in order to obtain their genetic code. On the other hand, he takes out all the dead people from the grave to do exactly the same with them. This new power made him more than just a serial killer symbiote or a null herald. After this incident, Carnegie underwent various changes and eventually became the Dark Carnegie.

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