The Milky Way is probably full of dead civilizations

Most of the extraterrestrial civilizations of the Milky Way have probably been destroyed by now. This is a new research finding published in the September 14 database arXiv Released. In this study, modern astronomy and statistical modeling were used to map the emergence and destruction of intelligent life in the Milky Way galaxy. The results of this study are one of the most accurate updates of the famous equation Frank Drake It is about the search for extraterrestrial life that he wrote in 1961. Drake’s equation Carl Sagan In his famous cosmos, he pointed to a number of cryptic variables, such as the number of planets in the universe.

The new article is more practical and was written by three physicists from the Caltech Institute and a high school student. Based on this article, the probable times and places of life in the Milky Way are introduced and the important criteria influencing the prevalence of life and the desire of intelligent creatures to destroy themselves are identified. Jonathan H. جیان“One of the authors of this research and astrophysicist, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Katlek, says:

Much research has been done since the time of Carl Sagan; Especially since the Hubble Space Telescope and the Kepler Space Telescope, we have gained a great deal of knowledge about the density of gases and stars in the Milky Way galaxy, the formation ratio of extrasolar stars and planets, and the rate at which supernova explosions occur. In fact, we uncovered some figures that were a mystery in the time of Carl Sagan.

In addition, the authors examined a range of criteria influencing intelligent life, including sun-like stars, the number of Earth-like planets, the frequency of destruction of supernovae, the probability and time required for intelligent life to evolve under the right conditions, and advanced civilizations willing to destroy. By modeling existing criteria over time, they found that at about 13,000 light-years from the center of the galaxy, and 8 billion years after the formation of the Milky Way, the probability of life based on known criteria increased.

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Earth is 25,000 light-years from the center of the galaxy, and human civilization formed about 13.5 billion years after the galaxy formed; However, simple life came into being immediately after the formation of the earth. In other words, human civilization is the geographical premise of the galaxy, and in the perspective of the inhabitants of the Milky Way, man is one of the newest civilizations; But given the existence of intelligent life, there are probably other civilizations that are often located in the 13,000-light-year band from the center of the galaxy and around sun-like stars.

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Most of the other Milky Way civilizations are probably still young; Because intelligent life can destroy itself in the long run. Even if there were civilizations in the galaxy about 5 billion years ago, they probably destroyed themselves. How do civilizations destroy themselves? How widespread is a civilization? Even if there is little chance of destroying civilizations by themselves over the course of a century, much of the Milky Way civilization has been destroyed by now.

It is worth mentioning that this article has been approved for publication in the journal and is awaiting review.

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