The most popular motorcycle on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks in which various groups are active. Not surprisingly, car and motorcycle enthusiasts use this social network to share pictures and brighten up their cars and motorcycles.

Motorcyclists use various hashtags on Instagram that website experts BudgetDirect The hashtag BikersOfInstagram has been chosen to review popular motorcycles and influencers in the field. In this article, the most popular Instagram motorcycles are identified with the hashtag BikersOfInstagram. Also, with the help of data obtained from Google search, the most popular motorcycle manufacturer brand in different countries of the world has been studied.

Popular motorcycles on Instagram and the world

To identify Instagram’s popular motorcycles, 500,000 posts with the hashtag BikersOfInstagram are considered, and then each post is broken down by city and state. Using Google Keyword Planner, the number of searches of each motorcycle brand in different countries has been examined and more than one million posts have been registered for each motorcycle model.

According to the results, India is a motorcycle paradise with 46,245 posts on the BikersOfInstagram hashtag. The BMW S1000RRR is the most popular model on Instagram with 513,058 tags, and Harley-Davidson is the most searched motorcycle on the Internet. The first rank of motorcycle influencers in the world of Instagram with 2.9 million followers. Valentino Rossi, The 41-year-old famous Italian motorcyclist and champion of MotoGP races arrives.

The infographic shows the popular sub-brands of motorcycles in different countries of the world. Harley-Davidson is the most popular motorcycle brand on the Internet according to the number of searches; In 83 countries, this brand is more searched on the Internet than other brands. Interestingly, the American company has fanatical fans at home in Russia, Australia, Finland, France, Britain, Ireland, Sweden and Norway. Of course, as we can see in the infographic, some countries such as Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, China and Morocco have not been considered in this study, which will affect the results.

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Different generations of Honda Accord cars

Kawasaki (pronounced Kawasaki correctly) and Royal Anfield are other popular brands in the world. Royal Enfield is a former British motorcycle brand that has been operating as an Indian company since 1955. The first Royal Enfield product was produced in 1901, and the Bullet is the world’s oldest motorcycle still in production. Italians are a fan of Ducati home motorcycles, and Brazilians, Mexicans, and Koreans are looking for Honda products on the Internet.

India’s climate and economy have made it home to motorcyclists. Most people in this country do not have much income; Therefore, they have to prioritize buying a motorcycle over a car. Of course, heavy traffic in major Indian cities has also made motorcycles the premier vehicle. After India, Germany is in second place with 13,228 hashtags, followed by the United States and Italy.

Different generations of Honda Accord cars

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According to BudgetDirect, the BMW S1000RR is the most popular motorcycle on Instagram with more than half a million hashtags. After the German heavy, powerful and fast motorcycle, with about 130,000 fewer hashtags, the KTM 390 is in second place. Among the 25 popular Instagram motorcycles, 18 are Japanese and 6 are European and one is Indian.

In this category, the enduring motorcycles of Honda 1000RR, Suzuki GSX-R1000 and Suzuki Hayabusa are ranked seventh, eleventh and sixteenth most popular models, respectively.

In a review of the popular influencers of the motorcycle world on Instagram, Valentino Rossi It ranks first, earning a hefty $ 17 to $ 28 per post. Marquez And Lorenzo Spaniards are also the second and third most influential influencers.

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In your opinion, what is the most popular motorcycle brand in Iran? Which country’s motorcycles do you like; Japan, Germany, Italy or America?

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