The new Apex Legends animation is about the origin of Pathfinder

The short animation Fight Night tells the story of Pathfinder in the world of Apex Legends.

From time to time, Rispaun Studios releases short animations about Apex Games characters. A new story animation that was recently released from the world of Outlandes is called Fight Night. Fight Knight Tells the life story of Pathfinder before he became an Apex Legend.

These videos usually contain new information about the heroes of the game world; Which are not achieved by Apex Legends experience alone. Fight Knight It is no exception to this rule and shows that Pathfinder before Apex Legends Joined worked in a restaurant.

In the following, we see this popular Battle Royale character seeking to find his purpose in life. Which finally follows a series of unexpected events, while by Victor Maldera (Detective in Search of Character Caustic) was being interrogated, Finds signs of what to do and the purpose for which it was created. You can watch this video below:

Download from Aparat

If you have not yet experienced the Holo-Day Bash event in Apex Legends, you have until January 6 to participate in it and get new items and more.

What do you think about this animation and Apex Legends game? Are you interested in the Pathfinder character? Zomji audiences can share their opinions with us in the following section.

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