The new images of Uncharted movie refer to the adventure of Nathan Drake

Sony Pictures has released new images from the movie Uncharted for the New Year, which refers to the adventure of Nathan Drake in this movie.

It was November of this year Stages of filming and production Uncharted movie (Uncharted) is finally over after several directors and writers change, and now this action-adventure film, which is an adaptation of a very popular video game series, is in the post-production stages. Now in the latest Movie and TV news, Sony Pictures has released new images from the movie Uncharted. These pictures were released on the occasion of the New Year. In these pictures, we see a close-up of several maps, sculptures and artifacts that refer to the adventure of Nathan Drake in the movie Uncharted and the place or places he will go to, and you can continue See these pictures:

Ruben Fleischer, Has directed Uncharted, such as Zombieland, Zombieland: Double Tap, and Venom. Art Markum, Matt Holloway and Reef Judkins, Have been tasked with writing the screenplay for Anchartd. Uncharted is said to be the beginning of the story of Nathan Drake, and the story of this film is not supposed to be a direct adaptation of any of the versions of Uncharted games. However, no further information is available on the story and events of Uncharted.

Uncharted is scheduled for release on July 16, 2021 (July 25, 1400). Tom Holland In the role of Nathan Drake, Mark Wahlberg In the role of Victor Sullivan, Sophia Ali In the role of the freezer kidney, Antonio Banderas and Tati Gabriel, Are among the actors who have appeared in the film Anchartd and have played roles.

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