The number of Ferdowsipour’s live Instagram visits exceeded the total number of Iranian platforms

Adel Ferdowsipour’s report on the final of the Asian Championship, with the competition between Persepolis of Iran and Ulsan of South Korea, recorded more than 809,000 visits. Meanwhile, the director of public relations of the Radio Regulatory Authority (Satra) announced that a total of 800,000 people watched online today’s match on 9 domestic audio and video media.

Ali Saad On Twitter, he described the viewing rate as “indicative of the success of inclusive audio-visual media in the AFC Champions League final broadcast test” and attributed it to the collective effort of inclusive audio-visual media in responding to society’s new needs.

Of course, the live broadcast of the Persepolis match on Instagram was associated with many problems, and a large number of users in Iran sat down to watch the game with a large break. Adel Ferdowsipour had previously managed to break the record for the most views with the Clasico program in internet programs and received more than 8.1 million views in 24 hours.

This surprise did not end here, and the Persian page of the Asian Football Federation on Instagram, which previously had less than 300,000 followers, reached 2.8 million followers in 24 hours and this evening.

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Taking advantage of the opportunities of the governing system in the field of attractive content, this time also raised the voice of some managers in the field of communication in the country. Prior to the match, the Minister of Communications had complained about the “narrow views” in this regard, anticipating a record number of live views. Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi “Iranian platforms could set a record today,” he said. In addition to the Minister, the head of the Information Technology Organization, at the end of the contest, published a harsh text about the victimization of Iranian platforms with weaknesses in the field of content. Amir Nazemi He wrote on his Instagram:

It became clear again that the main weakness in the field of #content policy, and that Iranian platforms are also victims of this weakness.
First we deprive the content creator, then we like to deprive others of their favorites with the platform.
It should be said explicitly: You who falsely chant the slogan of supporting the Iranian platform, your problem is not the platform. You do not have attractive content, you have a problem with attractive content, you are just looking to impose your comments on those who do not accept your content, you have named this comment imposition Iranian platform!
The 3 million people who entered the AFC Instagram page today have explicitly stated that they like other content, saying that they do not accept your content policy.
Many did not watch the final on TV or on Iranian platforms. For one reason: mismanagement!
And now again the overflow of a mismanagement has become an overload of #virtual_space!
When will this group learning take place?

The Pioneer Technology Organization has repeatedly stated its opposition to over-governing the “platform-building” approach as opposed to the “content-building” approach, and called for support for producing compelling content to provide instead of building multiple but inefficient platforms.

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