The OnePlus 8T concept model was demonstrated with the ability to change color

OnePlus has just unveiled a new concept device called the OnePlus 8T Concept (OnePlus 8T Concept). This phone is based on the current OnePlus 8T model and allows OnePlus to demonstrate some of the technologies it has been working on in recent times. Keep in mind that the purpose of OnePlus is simply to showcase technology, and the new phone will not reach the production stage.

According to what we see in the video, the OnePlus 8T Concept has a color-changing screen under the rear panel of its glass. The plate contains metal oxide and can change color based on different values ​​of the applied voltage. OnePlus says that the process of changing the color of the back panel is done by changing the valence state of the metal ions. The back panel of the OnePlus 8T Concept can change color from silver to dark blue (and vice versa). The design of the rear window is something that reminds us Pamukkale region in Turkey می‌اندازد.

Another thing that sets the OnePlus 8T Concept apart from the regular model is that the concept model uses a millimeter-wave radar system that can pick up and transmit electromagnetic waves. Thanks to its ability to transmit and receive electromagnetic waves, a radar system can detect objects, photograph them, locate them, or monitor them. This The system can perform the above tasks at the millimeter level and in all lighting conditions, even in environments. It works that long-range optical (ToF) systems may not function properly.

What are the uses of what OnePlus shows? The Chinese company says that in the current situation, such glass, which has the ability to change color, can appear in the role of a notification system. Also, the millimeter-wave radar, located under the rear panel camera set, can detect your hand gestures so you can do things like respond to a call by waving your hand.

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OnePlus has designed an app to monitor the user’s breathing, which uses a millimeter-wave radar to monitor the movement of your chest as you breathe. Using this, the OnePlus app can estimate your breathing rate.

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Apparently, OnePlus 8T Concept is one of the internal teams of OnePlus called Designed by OnePlus Gaudi. OnePlus Gaudi is the same team that previously managed to build the OnePlus Concept One concept device that was unveiled at CES 2020. The OnePlus Gaudi team is said to include 39 designers from Shenzhen, Taipei, New York and India.

The OnePlus 8T Concept, like the OnePlus Concept One, is not going to be mass-produced and sold. OnePlus will probably want to use some of the technologies used in its new concept device in a different way in its future devices.

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