The PS5 console will be available in PS2 format this month

The PlayStation 5 console with the nostalgic PS2 design and the dual-sensitivity controller with the retro design will be pre-sold by a user named SUP3R5 next month.

A custom version of the PS5 with the PS2 design will go on sale this month. This PlayStation 5 console is not an official Sony product and is made by SUP3R5 user. SUP3R5 has also announced a memorable version and Retro Inspire controller The Dual Sense of the PS5 console will be available for sale from January 8 (January 19). This user has announced that these two nostalgic products will be pre-sold. The custom DualSense controller, with a limited edition of 500 units, will be available in late spring for $ 99; While the PS5 console with the design of the PS2 console, in the same period with a limited number of 304 units and priced at $ 649 with the controller will be sent to buyers.

According to SUP3R5, in this customization and conversion process, the dual-sensitivity controller must be completely disassembled and implemented; As a result, the product warranty by Sony will no longer be valid. The PlayStation 5 console does not need to be implemented during the customization process; Only in one step should the side panels be removed from the body for a while. This should not invalidate the product warranty; But there is no guarantee yet.Custom PS5 design and dualsense controller

This creative user says that the whole process of conversion and customization is done with gloves; As a result, the console, controller and other contents will not come into direct human contact. Of course, before participating in the pre-sale of these products, you must consider the possible consequences and accept the risk; Because it is possible that Sony will stop all operations before sending even one product.

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Due to the problems of PlayStation 5 shortage, at the moment it seems that this version of the console is a good chance for those interested to buy PlayStation 5; However, this chance is associated with risks such as not receiving an official guarantee. However, it is not yet clear whether these products will be of interest to buyers.

What do you think about the custom design of this controller and console? Is it reasonable to buy these products considering the risk of canceling the warranty? Zomji audiences can share their opinions with us in the following section.

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