The Queen’s Christmas talk will be broadcast on Amazon Alexa

If you are in the UK and have purchased one of the Amazon Echo series speakers or a similar device, you can easily hear the annual message Queen Elizabeth II Announces when Christmas is coming.

According to a new Guardian report, this year’s message from the Queen of England is set to be available on smartphones for the first time in history through Amazon Alexa’s voice assistant. If you are in an English-speaking country, after 3 pm Greenwich Mean Time, by saying a sentence Play the Queen’s Christmas day message, You can ask Alexa to spread the message to the Queen of England.

Google Assistant users and HomePod speakers can not receive the message and must go to BBC Radio 4 to hear the Queen message. Smart speakers have been around for years, and British officials have been slow to take advantage of the speakers’ ability to broadcast the Queen’s speech. This clearly shows how speakers and, more precisely, smart voice assistants have been able to become mainstream products.

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