The release date and artistic concepts of Elden Ring have apparently been revealed

New information provided by an unofficial source from Elden Ring Released, it will probably reveal the release date of the game and two artistic images of its characters.

There has been a lot of information about the game in recent days and weeks Elden Ring It has been mentioned in various media that somehow shows that important news about this game is probably on the way. Accordingly, there are several rumors of a new game and action from FaramSoft Studio (FromSoftwareIt seems that they are now complete with details about the possible release date and a few artistic concepts from the game environment.

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A Chinese content developer, which usually reports on Surazlik games from FaramSoft Studio, claims that the game Elden Ring It is scheduled for release in 2021. Earlier Rumor had it that the release date for Elden Ring had been postponed from early to mid-2021. Just like the rumors and speculations about the game before Elden Ring It was mentioned in the report that the game is currently in the final refinement and polishing phase, and in fact most of the work related to its development process has been done. While again very similar to this game with Dark Souls It is noted that it confirms the claims of other previous sources.

Perhaps the most important piece of information provided by this Twitter user is two artistic images of the game Elden Ring Be included in the new tweet attachment Okami It’s been published. Official sources have not yet confirmed or denied the authenticity of these images, but it can be seen in them one of the characters that can be seen in the images and trailer of the game unveiling.

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Artistic concept of Alden Ring game

Unofficial pictures of Alden Ring game

In the continuation of this report, a series of other unofficial information has been published about this game, which, for example, is much larger in the world of this game compared to Dark Souls It points to. In addition, Norse-Like has designed the world of this game and the day and night cycle, as well as the dynamic weather and environment of this game. It should be noted here that since none of this has been confirmed, it is better to consider all the leaked information as a rumor. In addition, the source of this information has deleted the relevant post a few minutes later.

While the studio FromSoftware Still talking about the game Elden Ring No, all indications are that the game is likely to be released in 2021. Until these rumors are confirmed or denied by official sources, we only know that Alden Ring will be released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. As a rule, it should be continued in the version PS5 And Xbox X series of this game will also be confirmed.

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