The release date of The Binding of Isaac Repentance expansion pack has been announced

Edmund McMillan has released a trailer announcing that the Repentance expansion pack for The Binding of Isaac will be released on April 11, 1400.

For more than a year now, users of The Binding of Isaac have been waiting for the game’s new expansion pack to expand their enjoyable gaming experience. Finally, after a long wait, Edmund McMillan, creator of The Binding of Isaac, announced the release date of the Repentance add-on pack.

Recently, with the release of a trailer, it was revealed that Repentance will be available to computer users (via the Steam Store) on April 31, 2021. Unfortunately, the release date for the console version of The Binding of Isaac’s latest expansion pack has not yet been announced, but McMillan said: “It will be added to the game.”

This year marks the 9th anniversary of The Binding of Isaac, and fans can now find out more by visiting the Repentance add-on package page on Steam. More precisely, during the mentioned expansion pack, 130 new items, 100 enemies and 25 new bosses, two playable characters, five thousand layers and levels will be added to the game to leave behind.

“Repentance will be the size of a sequel to The Binding of Isaac to take Isaac into a new black hole-style Ruglake-style adventure,” Edmund McMillan said in a statement on the Steam page. In the following, you can watch the trailer of The Binding of Isaac Repentance add-on package in Zomji and share your opinions with us.

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