The release date of the Invincible animated series has been announced with the release of a clip

During a live stream, Robert Kirkman recently unveiled the release date of the Invincible animation and released a long video of the Amazon adult series.

In the latest cinema and television news, we were informed that the airing time of the serial animation Invincible has been announced; A series adapted from the second most popular comic book Robert Kirkman, The creator of The Walking Dead series. During a live stream, Kirkman announced that the Invincible animation will begin airing on March 26, 2021, with the release of the first three episodes on Amazon Prime, and that the following episodes will be shown every Friday until May 10, 1400 (April 30, 2021) The first season file will be closed with the broadcast of the final episode. In this live stream, we also saw a long video of this superhero animation, which can be seen below.

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The Invincible series is sometimes brutal and overly killing and bleeding; Thus, unlike other similar works, the superhero is considered an adult work. The new video of the series also shows Mark Grayson or Innsbell and his father Nolan Grayson or Omni-Man. Invincible comic books were written and designed by Robert Kirkman Ryan Otley Was in charge. The comics follow the adventures of 17-year-old Mark Grayson, the son of Omni-Man, the most powerful superhero on Earth. Mark goes on to realize that he has strengths and must emerge proud of the challenges ahead in any way. The “Invincible” comic book series, which ended in 2017, entertains its audience with 144 issues with many story twists.

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Steven Yen, The Walking Dead starring Mark Grayson and جی. کی. Simons, Spider-Man actors are in charge of voice acting for Mark’s father in the animated series Invincible. Working Python In the role of Black Samson, Senika Martin-Green In the role of Green Ghost, Lauren Cohen In the role of a war woman, Chad Coleman In the role of a Martian man, Michael Kadlitz In the role of Red Rush, Lenny James In the role of Dark Wing and Ross Markwand In the immortal roles and Aquarius, there are other actors in the animated series The Dead who act as voice actors in this animated series.

Of course the name Sandra Oh، سث روگن، زازی بیتز، Jillian Jacobs، Mark Hamill، Jason Montzox And May Whitman You should also add it to the long list of actors in the Invincible series to find out what kind of star work we are dealing with. Amazon Prime released the first trailer of the series in mid-October this year, which introduced us to the more violent, brutal, and murderous atmosphere of this superhero work.

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