The release date of the new God of War: Fallen God comic book series has been announced

Although the release date of the God of War: Fallen God comic book series was announced some time ago, due to coronary heart disease, everything was delayed and now a new date has been announced.

A few months ago, Dark Horse Comics introduced the God of War: Fallen God comic book series. Now, in the latest news in the comic world, it seems that the new collection of God of War has got a new release date, which will move its sales to early 2021. The first installment of the God of War: Fallen God comic book series is set to be released on March 10, 2021, according to a list of Dark Horse comic books published on its website. This comic book was originally scheduled to be published in 2020. But due to the conditions created by Corona, it caused all the plans to be disrupted and now its supply is postponed to 2021.

Of course, Dark Horse has not yet released any public announcements about the new date of this comic book, but the publication’s website indicates that the first part will be released on March 10. This does not seem to be a hypothetical date, and it coincides with the time when people normally wait for a new comic to be released. However, when reporters asked the company for an explanation, they received no response. As mentioned above, the comic book series was supposed to be released in July 2020, but according to a tweet released by Dark Horse himself, the case was closed for that year.

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For now, this seems like a definite date, but we still have to wait for it to be approved by the company itself. The God of War comic book series is set to fill the gap between God of War III as well as the latest installment of God of War, which was released for the PlayStation 4 console, and show its adventures to audiences and fans; A series that can build an important bridge between the two titles and answer the many questions that arise for the audience. The Dark Horse preview of the series showed a familiar image of Kratos, filled with anger and unhappy with his past.

“After overcoming Zeus and destroying Athena’s plans, Cretus believes that he has finally freed himself from his bondage,” said a preview of the Dark Horse comic book series. He goes to the desert in the hope that he will be able to get away from his home as well as the shame that is inside him. But he soon realizes that anger and guilt are still following him at close range. At this time, Cretus becomes very angry at the enemy in front of him, an enemy he cannot defeat; This enemy is none other than himself. “But war against oneself is not something that can be won, and it only draws madness.”

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