The remaster of the second and third seasons of Sam & Max is under construction

According to ScanCipe Games, after the release of the remastered version Save the World, Remaster of the second and third seasons of the series Sam & Max Also under construction.

Game developers Sam & Max Save the World Remastered Recently released, they announced in their new news that they are currently working on a remake of the second and third seasons of this series called Beyond Time and Space And The Devil’s Playhouse are. At the moment, no specific time has been set for the completion of the development and release process of these two games, and it seems that the acceptance and success of the remaster of the first part of this series has played an important role in this decision. A spokesman for Scankip Games Studios in a recent statement about Sam & Max Save the World Remastered Earlier this month, he said:

“The remaking process of the second season of this series even before its release Save The World it has begun. “Now the successful sale of the remastered version of the first season promises us to wait for the remasters of the second and third seasons. You can also see the comments of the game developers about their favorite characters by referring to this link.

Game The Devil

Teltil Games Studio (Telltale Games) The first game Beyond Time and Space And The Devil’s Playhouse Was published in 2007 and 2010. The company was shut down in 2018 for various reasons, and later the rights to make and supply games Sam & Max By the founders of the studio Skunkape Games Was taken over. For this reason, the brand Sam & Max Currently owned by the studio’s new management team Telltale Games Not located.

Remastered version of the game Sam & Max Save the World ScanCup Games Studio is now available for PC and Nintendo Switch platforms. The remastered version of the game includes all six episodes of the first season of the Sam and Max series, and has received improvements and updates compared to the original 2006 version. These improvements include, in particular, better visual effects, restored sounds, controller support, and “countless other changes.” Game subtitles now also include eight other European languages ​​in addition to English. The successful release of a remake of previous episodes of the series could lead to a new chapter in the series Sam & Max Also be. Of course, no specific date has been announced for the release of any of these cases.

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