The role of Taika Vaititi in The Suicide Squad is likely to be revealed

Based on the new trailer The Suicide Squad seems to have finally revealed the role of Taika Vaititi in the film.

It was a while ago That finally The first official trailer of The Suicide Squad movie It was released that this trailer was able to break the record of the most watched trailer and adult ad or Red Band in the first week of release. Meanwhile, recently, another trailer of the new episode of Suicide Squad was released, which contained new images of the expected movie, and now in the latest Movie and TV newsIt seems that the second trailer of this highly anticipated action comedy from the DC world may have answered one of the fans’ questions.

Role Taika Whiteiti In The Suicide Squad, it has become one of the secrets of this movie. At first, many thought he was the voice of King Shark, but Sylvester Stallone He is the voice actor of this character, and after that, the fans believe that Whitey is probably the voice actor of Staro’s character. It is now clear that Whitey may not be voicing Staro either, and he has actually played a small role in the film that could play an important role in the identity of one of the characters.

According to the new trailer for The Suicide Squad, called Rebellion, in one image we see the cell of the Retractor 2 character, and an image can be seen on the wall of his cell, where Danila Melchior can be seen next to another person, who is very similar to Taika Vaititi. And this could mean that Whitey may have played the role of a father or someone close to Melchior like the original retailer:

Daniela Melchior Cell as Ratcure 2 in The Suicide Squad

If this is true, it seems that Whitey plays the role of the main mouse hunter, Otis Flanigan, and accidentally causes another retraction to continue. Of course, this issue has not been confirmed yet and we have to wait until its final approval. The Suicide Squad is scheduled to be released on August 6, which will be released on HBO Max streaming service for a month at the same time.

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