The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro will probably be priced at $ 199

There have been some rumors that Samsung will introduce other products, including the Galaxy Buds Pro, to fans during the unveiling of the Galaxy S21 series. This Samsung Airbag is actually an optimized version of previous models that takes advantage of various features, including active noise control mode.

The WalkingCat Galaxy, a truly wireless airbag, will be priced at around $ 199, according to a Twitter Twitter user. One of the important features of this product of the Korean company is that it has IPX7 certification, which means that the body of the Galaxy Buds Pro is resistant to the penetration of dust and water droplets.

The useful life of the Galaxy Buds Pro is up to 8 hours, but it can be increased to 28 hours using the charger case. But it is not clear whether this time was measured in a state where active noise control was in the active environment. In fact, activating the ANC feature has a special effect on battery consumption.

Galaxy Buds Pro specifications table

The table above compares the Galaxy Buds Pro with the two models Galaxy Buds Plus and Buds Live. Among the features that make the Galaxy Buds Pro a better option than the previous two models, we can mention the improved type of active noise control feature, as well as greater resistance to water and dust droplets.

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The Galaxy Buds Pro uses an 11mm woofer and a 6.5mm Twitter. Priced at $ 199, Samsung’s new AirBad makes it about $ 50 cheaper than Apple’s AirPad Pro.

Samsung has several plans for CES 2021 in January, one of which will be the introduction of the Galaxy Chromebook 2 with a possible price of $ 699. In addition to the Galaxy S21 and Galaxy Buds Pro series, new Exynos series chips are expected to be introduced. The most important chip under development by Samsung in recent months is the Exynos 2100, which is expected to be used in the Galaxy S21 series.

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