The second season of His Dark Materials could have had an eighth episode

Apparently, it was originally supposed to be the second season of the fantasy series His Dark Materials It also includes an eighth episode that focuses on the adventures of Lord Azriel (James McAvoy) after the final episode of the first season.

Warning: The content of this article spoils many parts of the events of the seventh episode of the second season of His Dark Materials (called æsahættr).

Season 2 of the series His Dark Materials (His demonic force / demonic force) ended with tragic events. Where Lee Scorsby is killed along with Lyra’s loyalist, Will’s father, and Lyra is trapped by his mother, Mrs. Colter, leaving Will alone in search of Lord Azriel. The last episode of the second season of this series « ÆsahættrIt ends with a glimpse of Azriel’s adventures in a deserted place while the angels are called. Angels who agreed to fight against Authority Join him. Now it seems that initially the eighth episode of this season was supposed to focus on Azriel’s adventures after the end of the first season.

Azril in the second season of His Dark Materials series

Gene Trenter, the producer of this series, during his conversation about the lost episode of the series His Dark Materials In its dedicated panel at the event [email protected], Reveals that the episode contained a “dedicated and separate” story based on books His Dark Materials The work of Philip Pullman was not written. In fact, inspired by Pullman’s ideas, Jack Theron was responsible for writing the story. Now Trenter in his new interview with the magazine Entertainment Weekly He gives more details about this and announces that the adventures of this episode took place three days before the events of the second season of the series and on “How to destroy the city” Cittàgazze And Azriel’s role in itHas been focused. In fact, in this section, the events that happened to Azril during this period are discussed.

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However, in December 2019, the creators of his demonic series agreed on the conclusion of the same seven previous episodes of the second season, and postponed the shooting of the eighth episode of the second season to March 2020. Accordingly, the content production process of the continuation of the story of this chapter will continue. Of course, as we know, the outbreak of the coronavirus has reached its worst during this period, and the restrictive laws of different countries of the world have made it impossible for many film and television projects to continue. For this reason, the creators of the series His Dark Materials Also Unable to stick to their previous plans, they finally decided to cancel the production of the eighth episode of this season altogether. Instead, the rest of the series’ content was set to be completed on a new schedule.

View of the second season of His Dark Materials series

Therefore, the only case that led to the second season of the series was the sequence in which Azril Æsahættr He talks to the angels. In fact, this episode could answer some of the questions raised about Azriel’s adventures and show where exactly this character was and how he knew where the angels were. Probably more attention will be paid to the complementary characters of Lyra and Will in this episode, and especially to the previous carrier Giacomo Paradisi. Subtle Knife When Lyra and Will meet him for the first time Tower of the Angels they met, Was paid.

At the moment, it does not seem that the third season of his demonic series will start with an exclusive episode by Azril. According to Turner, if the episode is to be filmed, it will be released as a “special episode” to serve as a bridge between the two seasons. In fact, because the events of this episode with the story of the second chapter and the reference book The Subtle Knife Tied up, it may not be very coordinated with the events of the third season.

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Azriel's character in the series His Dark Materials

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Although the adventures of this episode could definitely have a special place in the story line Cittàgazze Fortunately, the most important determining factor, Azriel’s meeting with the angels, seems to be at the end of the second chapter. So despite the charms of this episode, it can be said that the story His Dark Materials Without it, it can continue on its path.

His Dark Materials is a live-action adaptation of the novel of the same name Philip Pullman The third season of the series is set to be produced based on the third novel, The Amber Spyglass, and will be released on the BBC and HBO on an unspecified date. Jack Thorne He is in charge of making the series His Dark Materials, which is expected to return for the final season. The second season of “His Demonic Force” ended with a controversial ending, and now it remains to be seen what the fate of Lyra and the other characters in the series will be in the third and final season.

Daphne Kane as Lyra, Amir Wilson as Will Perry, Ruth Wilson as Marissa Coulter, Lynn Manuel Miranda as Lee Scorsby and Andrew Scott as John Perry are among the actors in the second season of the series. His Dark Materials They play a role. This series from the TV network HBO Max Is broadcast.

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