The story of the ADATA brand from the beginning until now

Storage memory has always been an important part of computers and as time goes on, their importance becomes more and more apparent. Over the years, there have been dramatic advances in the storage memory industry to speed up the processing of computers. Advances in the storage memory industry are the result of years of effort and investment by large companies in this field. ADATA is one of the old companies that is a familiar name to many hardware enthusiasts.

E-Data started its operations in Taiwan many years ago and today, it has become a very large company, and thanks to the knowledge of its specialists and infrastructure, it produces flagship memories. Taiwanese company E-Data belongs to the category of Fabless companies (manufacturing without manufacturing) and has been providing DRAM memory and storage memory to customers for many years. May 2001 (May and June 2001), Simon Chen Founded the data. The Taiwanese company makes a variety of hardware components, the main ones being DRAMs, USB flash drives, hard disks, solid state drives (SSDs), memory cards (memory cards) and mobile peripherals.

In recent years, e-data has entered new areas, such as robotics and electric propulsion systems, and continues to expand its reach. In addition to its core brand, the company has a subsidiary called XPG, which it uses to sell gaming equipment. According to official statistics, e-data is the second largest manufacturer in 2017 DRAM has been around the world. The Taiwanese company has achieved an additional value of more than $ 680 million, thanks to becoming the largest manufacturer of DRAMs. In recent years, e-data has expanded to Europe and the United States and continues to compete fiercely with Samsung in Asia.

Early days, opening an office in the United States and focusing on DRAM production

SAT / DATA / ADATA drive from the front view

E-Data says it is committed to providing advanced memory solutions to enrich customers’ digital lives. The company introduces itself as the world’s leading company in the field of memory production and has won numerous awards for its products. E-Data started in 2001 with 20 employees and in its early days was a very small company with very big dreams. E-data executives have since begun careful planning to lead their company to global leadership in the field of memory. Convert DRAM and flash.

The CEO and founder of Data says that initially it was only intended to make the company a global leader in memory products; But over time and understanding the market trends, the variety of his company’s products increased. One of the products that e-data had a special maneuver on was flash memory; Because the demand for this type of memory had increased dramatically.

E-Data claims that its commitment to professionalism has enabled it to gradually differentiate itself from its competitors. The company has had great success under the management of Simon Chen and other senior board members. Everyone who works as an e-data manager has brilliant experience in the memory industry. E-data set values ​​for itself from the beginning, and these values ​​form the basis of its success; Values ​​such as integrity, fairness, honesty, stability, genius, balance, love and innovation. All of these values ​​have led e-data to continuously increase its revenue and seasonal and annual profits.

Eight years after its inception, e-data became the second largest DRAM company, the seventh largest USB flash drive company, and the tenth largest memory card company. Ten years after its inception, the company achieved a record $ 1 billion in product sales.

E-Data is committed to professionalism and understanding of customer needs and careful planning.

New statistics show that Data currently earns more than $ 1 billion a year, making it one of the largest memory companies in the world. More than half of the data revenue is related to the Asia-Pacific region, which is reasonable considering the market situation; Because the main source of data goes back to Taiwan, and the Asian market is a very large market.

North America and Latin America are the second most lucrative regions for e-data, accounting for 15% of the company’s total revenue. In the next ranks are Europe and smaller regions. Some time ago, the wife of the founder and CEO of e-Data said in an interview that Asia and Europe, especially Russia, are areas where e-Data can experience great growth; Because the SSD and memory market is still in development; While the US market is more mature.

E-Data became more serious in the United States in 2002, opening two offices in Los Angeles and Miami. The two offices employed a total of 41 people in charge of sales and customer support: the Los Angeles City Office of North American Customer Affairs and the Miami Office of Latin American Customer Affairs. These offices are still standing. The whole process of research and development (R&D) is done in Taiwan; While the production process is divided between data factories in China and Taiwan.

2010; The beginning of a new era for e-data

Despite many successes, the E-Data management team continued to strive to make the company even more progressive. In 2010, e-data began the process of rebuilding its brand. Since then, hummingbirds have been added to the company logo. From 2010 onwards, e-data became more effective in international markets and increasingly challenged competitors to better prepare for the decade ahead. The new E-Data logo has a more advanced design and tries to evoke concepts such as stability in the user’s mind, while still adhering to the basic traditions of the company by adopting the color blue.

The hummingbird has many meanings in the e-data logo

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The Hummingbird, the e-Data logo, contains important design elements that, if you look closely, will reflect the prevailing data culture and the company’s vision for the future. In addition, the hummingbird demonstrates Data’s commitment to becoming a global brand.

The agility of the hummingbird indicates that e-data is highly responsive to market needs, responding to a variety of situations and meeting customer needs. Also, the speed of the hummingbird shows that data creates superior innovations and increases the productivity of the industry. In general, hummingbirds are very interested in exploring new topics. The exploratory nature of the hummingbird reflects Data’s determination to pursue all possible possibilities, and the modern color and design of the logo suggest that the Data brand is dynamic and exciting. With a full understanding of its social responsibilities, e-data is very careful in selecting the main components of memory and tries to use the best methods to design and build products.

Impressive product diversity; One of the secrets of data success

Close-up of ADATA XPG / ADATA XPG headphones

At first, e-data focused solely on DRAM and flash memory; But as time went on, the market came into its own, taking into account the needs of the market. Today, the company manufactures a variety of hardware products and makes them available to its customers around the world. Over the years, e-data continues to produce DRAM for Windows desktops and notebooks. Data’s decision to start with DRAM was smart; Because with the right planning, it was able to grow rapidly in the market and build quality memories.

Over time, in order to generate more revenue and conduct more extensive research in the field of DRAM, there was a need to enter new markets; For this reason, e-data gradually began the process of generating storage memories.

EData makes a variety of products today; From DRAM, SSD and HDD to power bank and car charger and USB cable

Data’s SSDs are very high quality today. In the early days of SSD production, a number of analysts did not envision a bright future for the data business; But the company’s executives achieved their goal, and today the data business of E Data Company is very profitable.

Today, in addition to DRAM and internal flash memory and SSD, e-data also offers external storage memory to attract the attention of those interested in using this type of memory. Memory cards are also popular e-data products and the company has been producing them for many years. Powerbank, car charger, adapter, USB and micro USB cables are other products that produce data. E-Data also has industrial products in the field of indoor lighting, commercial lighting, intelligent lighting, and outdoor lighting.

Serious presence in the gaming industry


XPG brand logo

For years, e-data provided the components needed for gaming systems; But over time, it felt necessary to offer some products in the form of separate families and exclusively for gamers. For this purpose, the company XPG (abbreviated XTREME PERFORMANCE GEAR) with the aim of providing powerful products to gamers and e-sports professionals and those interested in quality products. XPG says it is committed to producing products that help users achieve great power and great quality. For this reason, from the very beginning, he established a close relationship with the community of gamers and activists in the e-sports industry so that he could understand their real needs and produce products according to their wishes.

All XPG brand products undergo very rigorous data testing before entering the mass production stage, and to pass this stage, they must obtain the highest possible score. This makes the XPG brand products very standard and can be relied on to do different things. E-Data tries to combine XPG brand products with attractive design to attract more and more gamers.

XPG, the arm of e-data gaming, has a close relationship with gamers and professionals in the e-sports industry.

E-Data has designed a logo for the XPG brand that evokes the brand’s identity in the user’s mind. The circular design shows the shape of the logo and the shape of the stars; A glowing plasma sphere that continuously produces a lot of energy and power. At the same time, the ring-like pattern is similar to a saw blade, like a motor that can manage and harness the energy of a star. E-data says that this logo is a perfect metaphor for everything that XPG brand products can achieve.

XPG executives intend to become the main choice of gamers over time, whether casual gamers or professional gamers. XPG has participated in various e-sports competitions as a sponsor of various teams. Last year, for example, he sponsored the Vexed team at Britain’s biggest gaming event, the EGX. Also, XPG has a history of working with the e-sports team of one of the NBA stars. EData sells a variety of products such as SSDs, memory, external storage, desktops, laptops, mice, mice, keyboards and headsets in the XPG family.

Ambition in the electric vehicle industry

Graphic design of electric car profile

After a closer look at the market, e-data launched a new business unit called ADATA Powertrain. According to the company, there is clearly a good demand for electric vehicles in the South Asian market; For this reason, with its special business unit, it intends to produce propulsion for electric vehicles. E-Data has participated in various events with its business unit in order to introduce the Powertrain brand to those who are more and more interested in this field. Not to mention, some time ago, e-data announced the launch of a special engine with a liquid cooling system.

Powertrain brand E-Data is constantly trying to provide advanced solutions for electric vehicles. Propulsion technologies can increase productivity, reduce overall costs, and reduce the energy consumption of automotive power modules, says E-Data.

Despite all the problems, e-data still adheres to its main goal and intends to expand its activities even more over time. Today, various industries are experiencing a difficult situation; Because the corona virus suddenly entered the world and caused problems for various industries. E-Data, like other companies in the hardware industry, ran into serious problems; Because the birth of the corona virus shut down factories.

It was not long after the birth of the world that e-data announced that the corona was not going to disappear from us quickly; For this reason, it must be adapted quickly to new situations. Also, in an interview with the media, the CEO and founder of Data said that he expects the price of DRAM and NAND flash memory to rise after the corona is restrained, and the demand for memory will continue to rise.

At the end of 2019, e-data revenue more than doubled from SSD sales, accounting for 30 percent of total e-data revenue. Data centers are a serious customer of data storage memory, and personal computers are always in need of a significant portion of the market memory.

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