Tick ​​Tock users receive a free Apple Music subscription

There have been some rumors that Shazm is offering its users an amazing offer for free access to Apple Music content. This amazing offer includes a 5-month subscription to the Apple Music service, after which users can renew it with a monthly payment if they wish.

Apple now has a similar deal with the popular social network Tic Tac to promote Apple Music. According to this agreement, TickTak users can register in the Apple Music service through its application and enjoy the facilities of this service for free for 4 months.

Apple Music special offer is currently only available in iOS version of Tic Tac app; Of course, to use the special offer, you must create a new account in the Apple Music service, and if you have an account in the Apple Music service, you will need to create a new account to use the offer.

It is necessary to have a special offer to have an Apple ID, and it should be noted that after 4 months of free subscription, the cost of using the Apple Music service will be automatically deducted from your account. Apple Special Offer is valid until the end of January 2021.

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Receiving a special offer in the Shazm app is such that users, by downloading it and using it for the first time, would receive a special offer to use the Apple Music service to identify their favorite song. This offer included a 5 month free subscription; But in the case of the Tic Tac app, it is said that users will receive a notification with a special offer for a free Apple Music subscription, and they can enjoy it if they wish.

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What do you think of Zomit users about Apple Music special offer? Are you interested in using it?

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