Tom Hanks: The Marvel movie world will help save movie theaters

The great Hollywood actor Tom Hanks believes that Marvel’s cinematic world can help save the future of cinemas in the current situation.

Tom Hanks, a great and well-known American actor and filmmaker, in his recent interview with the website Collider He said he believed the film industry and movie theaters were still a long way from gradual death, thanks to the significant revenue of blockbusters from Marvel Cinema and other similar companies. In fact, these phenomena can guarantee the stability and growth of the industry. “Hanks says in part:

“We all know that sooner or later we have to expect a big change … The question that arose here is whether the cinemas and the cinema and the traditional approach of the film industry will remain; “The answer is that it certainly is.” Lasting movie star Forrest Gump He adds:

“In some ways, I think that cinematographers will be more free to choose the works they are going to show after they resume their work. “It is here that major cinema events and films will play a decisive role in the fate of this industry.”

Tom Hanks and the Marvel Cinematic World

Tom Hanks goes on to point out the need to ensure the presence of spectators in cinemas:

“Perhaps News of the World (Tom Hanks’ new film) is the latest adult film that is just about people saying interesting things on the big screen; From now on, we will need Marvel Cinema and other similar series to ensure that people reappear in cinemas after the recent events. “This is where the Marvel movie world and the like come into play.”

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From now on, we will need Marvel Cinema and other similar franchises to ensure that people return to theaters.

Almost all US cinemas in the United States were closed at various times during 2020. Now, as the process of building major cinema projects continues, these theaters are slowly resuming their work. However, some chains like Regal Cinemas They have already announced that the closure of their cinemas will continue during the end-of-year holidays.

Although the FDA has two vaccines so far COVID-19 The official officials of the country’s medical system continue to announce that due to the limitations of mass production of these vaccines, except for the priority groups, the majority of the population will not have access to it until at least May 2021. Also, according to medical experts, a collective immunity in the community cannot be expected until the vast majority of people in the community have received the vaccine. Therefore, it is likely that at least until the end of the new year, its restrictions and special conditions will continue.

Marvel movie superheroes

Due to the heavy budgets and high expectations of the publishers of Marvel Cinema and other similar studios, their major projects will remain suspended until most cinemas reopen. For example, Marvel Studios alone has planned three major blockbusters for 2021. In the meantime, the great works of studios such as Warner Bros., Universal and Sony should also be considered.

Marvel’s next project, WandaVision It is from the Disney Plus network, which is scheduled for release on January 15th.

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What do you think of Tom Hanks’ remarks about cinema? Can theaters return to normal after overcoming the challenges of the corona outbreak? Share your comments with Zomji and other users.

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