Toyota Supra Sport equipped with Targa roof was introduced

Toyota has recently unveiled a new wave of products for the SEMA360 web show, including the 2021 GR Supra Sport Top, the TRD-Sport concept trailer for the Toyota Tacoma, and new versions of the 2020 GR Supra Heritage Edition.

Ed Laux, Toyota Vice President of Marketing, says in this regard:

We have four creations for the insatiable appetite of Toyota fans, including a new model of GR Supra with manual and custom coloring, two drifting cars from GR Supra and a Tacoma pickup. But we saved the best for last and today we are proud to showcase our latest creations including the 2021 GR Supra Sport Top and the TRD-Sport trailer among others.

Toyota GR Supra Sport Top Model 2021

In fact, it is a prototype based on the GR Supra Heritage Edition, with similar features and updates but with a detachable roof. The roof design has two composite 3D printing plates drawn according to the lines of the car body, allowing the Toyota Supra to maintain the shape of the body along with the windshield and exterior roof. In order to maintain the integrity of the car structure, reinforcements were added to the structures of the outer body of the roof as well as under the body (from the location of the propulsion to the rear of the car).

Toyota GR Supra Sport Top concept car / Toyota GR Supra Sport Top white with red version of Heritage

Other changes include a redesigned rear diffuser, new exhaust settings including dual exhaust pipes in the center, a special wing inspired by the MK IV, taillights and a white body color.

Marty Shorter, The head of production of this product, says:

Toyota really wanted to have a companion for the Heritage version; But building this model was not easy and we thought a lot about cutting the roof and removing a significant part of the car structure. It was a lot more complicated than we first thought. Removing the top of the car was very difficult and required innovative work to maintain the strength of the GR Supra. I love the design and I hope others like it too.

With the preparation of the Toyota GR Supra Sport scheduled for this year’s SEMA digital show, the spirit of the Toyota Supra equipped with a Targa roof built in the 1980s and 1990s was revived. Toyota is inspired by the Supra Targa A80 roof design to build the GR Supra Sport Top concept car; While this model uses the roofed model of Toyota Supra GR Supra 2019 nicknamed A90 as infrastructure. In addition, there is the Heritage version that was unveiled last year during the SEMA show in Las Vegas.

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Toyota GR Supra Sport Top White Front / Toyota GR Supra Sport Top White

Toyota has partnered with Texas-based KC’s Paint Shop to build the Supra Targa concept car. They turned to different cutting tools to get the job done and turn the Toyota Supra Coupe into an open-top sports car. Instead of a removable roof, Toyota has added a pair of 3D-printed composite panels that perfectly match the shape of the car.

The end result looks quite impressive; Because when placing two roof pieces, it is difficult to tell whether this car is a Toyota Supra Targa or a regular coupe model. The original design of the car body was preserved by using the main header of the windshield and the shapes of the external roof body structure on both the driver and passenger sides. This seems to be the original design of the car; Even if we know we are dealing with an exactly changed plan.

Toyota GR Supra Sport Top is more than just a fixed roof and replacing it with a removable panel; Because the project support team added amplifiers under the car from the front of the engine to the rear bumper. In addition, the exterior is reinforced to maintain the GR Supra’s sturdiness and durability even in sporty driving conditions.

Toyota’s decisions may surprise some people; Because the Japanese automaker is not willing to turn a SEMA concept car into a product that can really be bought. Biyamu may not be too happy about turning this concept model into a production product; Because it can negatively affect the sales of the Z4 on which the Toyota Supra is based. The Beamo Z4 has a retractable electric roof; The Toyota Supra, on the other hand, has a detachable roof with panels that one has to remove yourself.

The Supra is not the first Toyota sports car to lose its fixed roof in modern times; Toyota 86 went through a similar process in 2013 to build the FT 86 concept car. Instead of using Targa settings, this model uses a fabric roof with electric function. In 2019, Toyota admitted that this concept model has become a production model at some point; But in the end it never happened.

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Will Toyota reuse the Targa configuration first introduced in 1986 for the third-generation Supra instead of the Celica version? Certainly the passage of time will show the correctness of this issue.

TRD-Sport trailer

As a concept and solution for fun and excursions, the new Toyota Tacoma trailer is designed to allow explorers to set up camp quickly before continuing their off-road adventures.

Toyota Tacoma equipped with a trailer

Laux says:

Off-road trips and unknown routes have long been of interest; But such products have reached a higher level in 2020. Given Toyota’s high reputation for off-roading, we thought it would be really interesting to create a trailer suitable for ground vans and long-wheelbase vehicles.

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The Japanese automaker cites the Tacoma rear sole as a complete platform for off-road travel, which seems to be very well designed, built and spacious. The next goal was to increase the comfort of the car’s occupants while maintaining a low center of gravity and a great viewing angle.

Features of this trailer include lift, Yakima four-person tent with canopy holder, custom toilet and trash can, refrigerator, hot water heater, shower, generator, Optima Yellow Top battery, 16 gallon fresh water storage tank, 15 gallon storage tank Gray water (sewage) and sink and stove pointed.

Toyota Tacoma trailer for off-road travel

If fully installed, this trailer can be a good place for camping and even illuminate the surroundings well thanks to a few LED lights and RIGID accessories. TRD Pro rims are equipped with General Grabber X3 285/70/17 tires.

2020 Edition GR Supra Heritage

Toyota GR Supra Sport Heritage Edition front view / Toyota GR Supra Sport Heritage Edition red

Toyota chose this prototype to attend the SEMA show due to the popularity of the Heritage version after its unveiling in 2019. The car has a 500 hp engine (turbocharged and modified ECU), red reuse for the body, in addition to custom headlights, taillights and MK IV style taillights. Toyota also added larger brakes and a custom front and rear suspension to ensure optimal performance.

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