Turkey and Brazil say the Chinese company Sinovac’s corona vaccine is effective

Turkish officials announced on Thursday that the effectiveness of the Sinovac corona vaccine was 25.91%; However, these findings were based on preliminary results from a small trial, and the data were not published in scientific journals or made available to the public. The news came a day after another major news conference on the Sinovac vaccine in Brazil. Officials were expected to provide accurate results of the trial; But they only reported that the vaccine was more than 50% effective.

In total, 7,371 volunteers participated in the Turkish trial; But data on vaccine efficacy that سرهات انال, The infectious disease specialist reported that it was based on 1,322 participants alone, 752 of whom had received the actual vaccine and 570 had received placebo. Dr. Onal said 26 of those who received the placebo had 19 Covid; Only three vaccinated volunteers became ill. He and his colleagues did not publish their data in writing. فخرالدین کوجا“We are now confident that the vaccine will be effective and safe for the Turkish people,” said the Turkish health minister. Sinovac did not issue a public statement about the trial, nor did it comment on the Brazilian trial.

The small number of volunteers on whom Turkish researchers have calculated vaccine efficacy leads to distrust of their conclusions. The greater the number of participants in the vaccine clinical trial, the greater its statistical power. Pfizer and Bivantek provided data on 36,523 people to show that their vaccine was 95% effective. About their vaccine, 162 people receiving placebo and eight people in the vaccine group got covid.

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Turkey has signed a contract with Sinovak to receive 50 million doses of vaccine. The first 3 million doses are scheduled to arrive in Turkey on Monday. Koca said Turkey would receive 4.5 million doses of the Pfizer vaccine by the end of March, and would receive about 1 million doses by the end of January.

The synovac vaccine is called Cronavac and is made from inactivated Cronovirus viruses. This method is one of the oldest methods of making vaccines in the 1950sJonas Salek He used it to make a vaccine against polio. Viruses cannot make people sick once they are inactivated by chemicals; But they stimulate the immune system to make antibodies that provide long-term protection against active viruses.

Synovac developed the Cronavac vaccine in early 2020 and then conducted several trials. They released their results in November and reported that the vaccine seemed safe and triggered an immune response against the coronavirus. The company then launched third-phase trials in Brazil, Indonesia and Turkey, which highlighted the prevalence of Covid 19.

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Brazilian health officials said Wednesday that the Chinese vaccine had passed safety and efficacy tests and paved the way for its use in Brazil; But because of the agreement with Synovac, they refused to publish clinical trial data in Brazil. Dimas Kwas, Is the director of the Bhutan Institute in Brazil, which conducted the experiments. He said a joint statement could be issued in the next two weeks. Jean Gurinstein“Today is a historic day for science and health in Brazil,” a health official in Sao Paulo told a news conference. “This vaccine allows us to save the lives of millions not only in Brazil, but all over the world.”

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