Unnecessary cookies are removed from the gateway

Microsoft, the owner of GitHub, announced in an official statement that it was removing unnecessary cookies from the platform. Thanks to Microsoft’s recent decision, unnecessary cookies will no longer be displayed on GitHub.com and its subdomains. Friedman Sheet Music“No one likes cookie banners,” Githab CEO said in a recent statement; “But they are everywhere.”

The reason for the presence of cookie banners on websites goes back to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the United States and the European Union. According to GDPR rules, websites in Europe and the United States must be verified before collecting and storing information on the visitor’s system. In fact, such laws give users the right not to approve cookies that endanger their online privacy. As a result, cookie banners appear on many websites, which are often endorsed by users.

“Our goal at GitHub is to protect the privacy of the developer, and given the unpleasant experience of cookie banners, we decided to come up with a solution,” Friedman said. “After a little research, we decided not to use unnecessary cookies.”

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Users of services such as GitHub can more easily ignore website cookies; While on most websites, especially content and media websites, users must confirm cookies to log in and visit the site. GitHub users, on the other hand, use plug-ins to block unnecessary trackers and cookies; For this reason, the tracking information collected by Githab may not have been very useful.

Friedman added:

At GitHub we only use cookies that are necessary to serve this website. GitHub has always prioritized developer privacy and has often gone beyond legal requirements, such as EU privacy laws for users. Developers’ privacy should not be compromised in GitHub.

GitHub is one of the first major websites to drop unnecessary cookies. Perhaps Microsoft’s recent decision is the beginning of a similar trend for other platforms.

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