Unprecedented demand for the iPhone 12 has boosted Qualcomm’s revenue

Apple recently unveiled the iPhone 12 family with support for the fifth generation mobile network (5G). Apple is using Qualcomm’s X55 modems to deliver 5G technology, and unprecedented demand for the iPhone 12 has apparently made Qualcomm experience a booming financial season.

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If you’ve been following the news for some time now, the iPhone 12 family is said to be in an unprecedented sales cycle, outperforming some bullish estimates. As a result, Qualcomm, as the only manufacturer of the mentioned cellular modem of the mentioned iPhones, has gained the most profit and has gained the first rank of IC design companies. While iPhones were delayed in two phases due to the Corona virus epidemic, the San Diego-based chip maker recorded one of its top financial seasons with revenue of $ 4.96 billion in the fourth quarter ending December 2020.

According to research by the Trendforce Statistics Association, this figure shows a 37.6% increase compared to last year. In addition, Trendforce attributes this to Apple’s supply chain and growing corporate demand for 5G technology.

In 2017, Apple sued Qualcomm over patent costs; The move escalated legal issues around the world, and finally in April 2020, technology giant Cupertino agreed to a $ 4.5 billion to $ 4.7 billion deal to buy Qualcomm’s license. With the agreement between Qualcomm and Apple, Intel, which was lagging behind the competition, halted the development of 5G modem technology and eventually sold its patent portfolio and 5G modem division with more than 2,200 employees to Apple for $ 1 billion.

The agreement between Apple and Qualcomm includes a six-year agreement for the production of modem chips; But Apple is said to be working on its own modem chips. به‌گفت‌ی Johnny SarojiApple CEO Cupertino has begun production of cellular modems used in iPhones and iPads, and will likely soon replace them with Qualcomm modems in these products.

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