US Department of Homeland Security: Spying on China via TCL TV

Chad Wolf‌ ‌ The US Secretary of Homeland Security said in a press release that a ministry under his supervision had recently launched an investigation to determine whether TCL (Chinese TV maker) has put in question on its Android-based smart TVs that question the security of the device. This news was last month by Thomas Guide announced.

Last Monday, Chad Wolf said the US Department of Homeland Security is investigating various companies, one of which is TCL. According to Wolff, nine surveys conducted this year show that “TCL has included backdoors in all of its smart TVs” and this exposes TCL TV users to security breaches and data disclosures.

The US Secretary of Homeland Security says the TCL is directly supported by the Chinese Communist Party to compete in the global electronics market. According to Chad Wolf, Chinese support has made TCL “the third largest television manufacturer in the world.”

We do not know exactly how much TCL is supported by the Chinese government. In addition, the various institutions that monitor the smart TV market have some disagreement over TCL’s true position. Those security flaws, details of which were first reported last month, do not affect Roku-enabled devices. Most TVs that TCL sells in North America have a Roku operating system.

US Secretary of Homeland Security: The TCL has reached its current status thanks to the support of the Chinese Communist Party

Last month, TCL told Thomas Guide that it was fixing two problems with its Android TVs. Apparently these two problems are caused by two hackers with letters John Jackson And Sick Kudz Have been discovered.

One of the problems was a security flaw that allowed profiteers to search TCL TV system files without having to enter a password. Another problem was a hidden feature that seemed to send screenshots and details of user activity on TCL TV to servers in China. At the time, Sikh Kudz referred to the second problem with TCL televisions as “Chinese backdrop.”

According to Sick Codz, the important point is that TCL has fixed these security issues without notifying its users or asking for their opinion on installing the update. Solving the security issues discussed in this way shows that TCL has “full access” to devices in people’s homes, writes Thomas Guide, quoting Sikh Kudz.

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TCL Smart TV 4K model from a three-face view

We do not yet know exactly whether the US Department of Homeland Security intends to launch an extensive investigation into TCL. Chad Wolfe also accused China of interfering in the presidential election, espionage, cyberattacks, copyright infringement, theft of corporate trade secrets, drug trafficking, slavery, illegal immigration, counterfeiting, mass murder, and distribution. Coronavirus, trying to have complete control of the world and … Many of these allegations need further investigation; But in any case, Wolff’s remarks probably have no effect on increasing or decreasing the security of TCL TVs.

The Chinese company issued a statement to clarify the allegations following the US Department of Homeland Security’s allegation that the Chinese government was using TCL TVs for espionage. TCL says it is generally concerned that the recent allegations stem from “inaccurate descriptions” of TCL products and capabilities. TCL has been operating in the United States for over 15 years and is now a reputable company among technology partners, retailers and users.

TCL: Two percent of the TVs it launched in the United States had a security issue that has now been fixed

According to the statement, all TCL TVs on the North American market have Roku or Android operating systems, and officials of both operating systems are forcing TV companies to adhere to advanced standards of security and privacy. TCL says 2 percent of its TVs in the United States were dealing with security issues that had just been discovered, and the company took immediate action to identify and fix the vulnerabilities.

TCL points out the importance of keeping electronics up to date, saying the vulnerabilities are completely gone. All TVs affected by the problem will see a message announcing the release of a new firmware when connected to the Internet to fix the vulnerability. TCL categorically denies the claim of the US Secretary of Homeland Security. According to TCL, the US Department of Homeland Security has not yet contacted the company to conduct an investigation.

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