Video and voice calls have reached trial on the web and desktop versions of WhatsApp

It was in 2015 and 2016 that the WhatsApp application for portable gadgets received features such as the ability to make voice and video calls; But the web and desktop version did not have the mentioned features until recently. In fact, unlike messengers such as Telegram, which have standalone versions with similar features to desktop applications, the web and desktop versions of WhatsApp have little definition and have always been heavily criticized by users.

However, it seems that WhatsApp bosses are looking for extensive changes to the web and desktop versions of their messengers. A report has been released that voice and video calling features in the web version and WhatsApp desktop have reached beta and will be officially made available to the public in the event of a problem.

WhatsApp voice and video calling capabilities are currently very limited in the web and desktop versions, unlike the mobile version, and even some features can not be used right now. In any case, the addition of the mentioned features shows that the leaders of WhatsApp have taken the development of web and desktop versions more seriously and have reacted positively to the existing criticisms. If you open the WhatsApp desktop application, you will see icons for video and voice calls with the word BETA above them.

WhatsApp desktop version

WhatsApp desktop version

Unfortunately, to use WhatsApp on the web or desktop version, you will still need to connect to your smartphone, which is a downside. However, voice and video calls will be made independently on your PC or laptop.

If you have tried the voice or video calling features in the WhatsApp beta, share your thoughts with Zomit members and talk about your experience. Are you satisfied with the new features of the web version and WhatsApp desktop?

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