Video of the Galaxy S21 Plus review was released on a YouTube channel

For several years we have been accustomed to seeing information and renderings of smartphones before their official introduction, and this has been repeated for the latest generation of Galaxy S series phones, apparently known as the Galaxy S21 family.

The whistleblowers have not only revealed the technical specifications, but also gone to the press renderings, and in the latest episode of this seemingly endless series, we see the release of the Galaxy S21 Plus video in the real world.

A new video leaked on YouTube shows a person reviewing the Galaxy S21. The five-minute video in question belongs to the Random Stuff 2 YouTube channel. The 300,000-person channel also has a history of revealing other information about Samsung’s new handsets.

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The Random Stuff 2 video confirms the claims of the whistleblowers as well as the leaked renderings, showing that the Galaxy S21 Plus has a very small margin around its screen, and at the top of the screen there is a hole for a selfie camera. In this video we also see that the in-screen fingerprint sensor and face recognition system of the Galaxy S21 Plus work well.

In terms of specifications, the video reveals that the back panel of the Galaxy S21 Plus hosts a 64-megapixel camera and two 12-megapixel cameras. This set of cameras offers triple optical magnification (without loss of quality). The Random Stuff 2 video also includes a sample photo of the Galaxy S21 Plus.

According to the leaked video, the Galaxy S21 Plus has eight gigabytes of RAM along with 128 or 256 gigabytes of storage, and comes with Android 11 by default. The Galaxy S21 Plus will also feature Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888 chip.

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The person who owns the Galaxy S21 in the leaked video says that this video is not an “official review” of the product, because the phone software is not yet fully ready. He says the Galaxy S21 Plus will probably be the best phone next year; A claim we have to wait for its validation right now.

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