Virtually hold Yalda 99; Yalda’s best way to stay away from the Corona virus

We Iranians have very little reason to celebrate these days; But under different pretexts, we can experience the joy of being together so that we can forget about problems, even for a moment. Ancient Iranian celebrations have always been a gathering place for family gatherings and have brought us together under various pretexts. the night یلدا Or Shab-e Cheleh is one of the old Iranian festivals that is held every year at the end of autumn and has a different mood. Yalda is the longest night of the year and after that, the days get longer over time.

On Yalda night, Iranian families prepare a variety of fruits and snacks to spend some time together happily and experience a pleasant feeling. Although it is difficult for many to prepare for the Yalda 99 night this year due to the current situation, many people tend to get together even with a very simple celebration.

If you care about your health and that of your family and those around you, hold Yalda 99 online

The globalization of the corona virus, which began last year, has taken many victims. This dangerous virus, which quickly spread to Iran, disrupted the lives of many people and negatively affected their incomes.

Nurses and other members of the medical staff are working hard to control the virus, and if people do not cooperate, it will certainly not be possible to return to normal soon. Holding Yalda 99 night, like in previous years, is a very dangerous thing and will have serious consequences.

Thanks to technology, communication between people has become easier. Today, many people have access to smartphones and computers, and can use the Internet to talk to each other.

If you care about your health, your family, your compatriots and other human beings, hold Yalda 99 on the go. Even if you are not physically together, you can still experience a happy birthday. In the following, Zomit tries to introduce ways to hold Yalda 99 by observing social distance. If you have another idea for Yalda 99, share it with us in the comments section.

How to hold Yalda 99 virtually?

The first thing you need to do to hold a Yalda 99 virtual event is to provide a platform for video communication. Since the beginning of Covid 19, all communication platforms have experienced a sharp increase in the number of users, and today, many quality platforms are available; From Zoom to Skype, WhatsApp, etc. During the early Corona, the name zoom came to the tongues; Because it is very easy to work with; However, Zoom does not allow Iranian users to make video calls.

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Skype is an old and convenient platform for making video calls. You used to have to create a Microsoft account to make video calls; But as Microsoft saw an increase in zoom users, it added a feature called Meet Now to Skype. Meet Now lets you get video conferencing fast. We invite you to read the articles about Meet Now feature in Skype and how to make voice or video calls with Meet Now feature in Zomit.

WhatsApp provides a suitable platform for holding Yalda 99 virtual night through video calling

Another solution is to use WhatsApp. WhatsApp has no particular problem and you can make a video call with it quickly. Place your smartphone on a stand and then start video calling with people you like to spend Yalda 99 with.

What can we do in Virtual Yalda?

Celebrating Yalda 99 virtually may not be appealing to you at first glance, but rest assured that you can enjoy Yalda even remotely. Yalda virtual event is a good opportunity to go for new ideas. One of these ideas is to have a virtual dinner.

One interesting idea for dinner is for each family to make some of the food and send it to other families. Once you’ve chosen the food together, you can use platforms like Google Sheets and enter the recipe there for others to see.

Each family can then cook one or two plates of the selected food in sufficient quantity and send it to the other families. Using tools like Google Sheets makes everything go according to plan and two families make the mistake of not cooking the same kind of food. You can add a column to Google Sheets and write down your food allergies or dietary restrictions. After you have done everything, put the phone on the stand and have dinner together.

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It is naturally difficult to eat dinner virtually; Because you are limited to the small screen of your phone or laptop. One way to improve the Yalda 99 night experience is to use larger screens, such as smart TVs. Transferring the image of a smartphone to a TV or even a laptop can make dinner more realistic.

Yalda 99 night is a good opportunity to think of different ideas for being together

Another way to hold Yalda 99 dinner is to order or send food. If you are worried that others will not like the taste of your food, ordering food online can be a good idea. Even if you follow the first method, you can still order ready meals. Order food from nearby restaurants as much as possible to support their business. You can also spend the rest of the night virtually together.

Keep in mind that celebrating Yalda 99 virtually will not be easy for those looking for great events. We suggest making the guest list smaller if possible; You can even ignore some traditions and come up with new ideas.

This year is a different year and due to the special circumstances of these days, you can do different things in Yalda. If it is not possible for you to hold Yalda 99 virtually, there are other ways. Break the tradition and postpone the Yalda 99 ceremony to the evening instead of the night. Go with your family and family members to a completely open space, such as a park, wear a mask, sit at a distance from each other and spend time. You can do the same in a space, such as a backyard, by observing the distance.

One of the positive things you can do on Yalda night is help the needy. The birth of the coronavirus not only put a lot of psychological pressure on people; It also increased the economic crisis. Many of our compatriots cannot prepare snacks, fruits, etc. on Yalda night; So let’s think about them too.

What ideas do you, the users of Zomit, have? Do you hold Yalda 99 night ceremony virtually or in person?

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