Was Trump’s Twitter account hacked in November this year?

Dutch prosecutors believe that a security researcher has succeeded October 2020 (October and November 2014) Account Donald Trump Hack on Twitter. However, when the first reports were released, the White House and Twitter denied that Trump’s account had been hacked.

According to a new news agency report The Guardian, A special team of police from a person named Behnam Victor Gurz Has interrogated and achieved interesting results. Gorz claimed to have been able to encrypt Trump’s Twitter account, ie!maga2020 Guess.

A spokesman for the Dutch prosecutor’s office told the Guardian that investigations showed the hacker had indeed hacked into Trump’s Twitter account; But no crime has been committed; For this reason, he is not considered a criminal. The BBC published a special report in this regard and wrote that law enforcement agencies in the Netherlands have informed US officials of their findings in this case.

At the moment, it is not clear exactly what evidence Victor Gorse showed police to convince them to hack Trump’s account. Earlier, he provided screenshots showing that he had succeeded in logging into Trump’s account. Following the release of the screenshots, Vice reported in a special report that Gorez screenshots may be unrealistic; Because they do not have a specific emoji in the biography section of Trump’s account; However, this can be explained by factors such as the use of browser plug-ins.

Gorse says he usually goes to the accounts of important people and checks them for security, and in one of these checks, he was able to guess Trump’s password. The password! Maga2020 is taken from the phrase Make Ameria Great Again, Trump’s election slogan. Gorz claims he has not changed Trump account settings.

Twitter denied this fall, when initial reports of Trump’s account hacking were released, saying it had found no evidence to support Gorz’s claims. Following the release of the Dutch prosecutors’ report, Verge contacted Twitter for more details. “Our main statement is still valid and we have nothing more to say,” Twitter told Verge. The White House has also denied the allegations made by Dutch prosecutors.

Donald Trump has previously confessed to hacking his Twitter account at least once; An account he still uses in his office. Victor Gorse is said to have hacked into Trump’s account a month before new Twitter security measures were introduced for specific accounts. Twitter says it is adding new security features to accounts owned by government officials. Gorse’s claim means that Donald Trump did not enable two-factor authentication on his account.

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