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virtual server (Virtual Private Server) with an acronym VPS Linux and Windows is another service that has been professionally implemented as one of the main web hosting services in Server.ir.

These services with both traditional virtual server infrastructure (virtualization platforms such as KVM) and new cloud server technologies (aeroserver) is one of the distinguishing features and specialized services of this collection that many popular and reputable websites in Iran are using. Services are your web hosting infrastructure. If you are planning to buy a virtual server, read the full description of this service in full, and if you need help, you can contact the support team of .ir server. Virtual server services have a variety of Linux and Windows operating systems at home and abroad, which can cover a wide range of different technical and commercial applications with the possibility of providing various features such as high-speed hard drive, DDR4 RAM, unlimited traffic.

Price and purchase of a virtual server (VPS)

To view the price and Buy a virtual server Click on the boxes above to be directed to the tariff page of these servers. One of the main differences of the virtual server in terms of price for users who have already used shared hosting or cloud server is that in shared hosting, annual purchase periods are common, but in virtual server services, monthly payment is generally more common. Although with the annual payment of tariffs Buy a virtual server You can take advantage of cheaper discounts and prices yourself, but in any case, due to the higher annual renewal price, users tend to pay on a monthly basis.

The cost of a virtual server varies from hosting provider to provider, depending on the software infrastructure used, the hardware of your hosting service, the amount of virtual server sales per server (OverSell), quality and support services, and more, but generally range. It costs more than shared hosting and lower than a dedicated server. To view and compare the prices of Server.ir in this regard, you can refer to the page of Iran virtual server and foreign virtual server. We invite you again to the challenge of comparing services and look forward to introducing you to a different world of hosting. The slogan, no, our effort is “global attitude, Iranian hosting.”

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In what cases of the virtual server (VPS) To use?

In terms of web hosting service levels, the virtual server ranks between the shared hosting service and the dedicated server. Of course, this definition is very traditional and simple, but in short, it creates the right overall picture in your mind. There are generally two groups of reasons that require you to migrate from shared hosting to vps: Require installation and support for programming languages, use of certain ports that are prohibited on shared hosting, console access, and more.

Also, if for any reason the shared host does not respond to you and needs a server, but the dedicated server has resources or prices higher than what you need and expect, by providing a vps server, you can have almost all the features of a dedicated server at a lower cost. you have.

Cloud server (cloud server) What is?

Cloud server What is? This is a question that is often asked. The term “cloud” is a new concept that is seen in many software applications today and represents an up-to-date and unique technology, but what does this concept mean? The term “cloud” is new, but the truth is that the roots and originality of this concept is deep, and for many years in the field of information technology, a path to this goal was created, and it can even be said that in the past cloud services have been at different levels Who was not known by that name.

About sever.ir

It was at the end of 1392 AH that we started research and development in the field of providing web hosting services. We believe that businesses that are formed with the ultimate goal of economic profit will not achieve it in the long run, but businesses that work with the goal of solving a concern or creating added value, in addition to sustainability and success, also achieve the result of economic profit. Find. We long for the pleasure of solving one of the worries of your web services.

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The creators of the idea started their activity in late 2009 and for almost 4 years, when they officially started their activity and first started with the IPelectronic.com domain. Later, it introduced the domain of SMS.ir to the audience of its services and became known in this field. Server.ir is a specialized brand in the field of web hosting services that needed to accelerate its time to achieve its great goals. In this way, the infrastructure and experiences of the idea makers helped us.

As a result, Server.ir, after nearly 4 months of international market analysis and research of the domestic market of this business, was born in May 2014 as a specialized department and independent of other activities in idea makers. We had a challenging path and big goals ahead of us. We started with the basic services of domain registration and shared hosting. We provided sales representatives in the field of hosting. We have added virtual and dedicated servers and services for Linux and Windows nationally and internationally to our range of hosting services.

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