What is Bitcoin?

What is Bitcoin

To put it simply, Bitcoin is a decentralized currency and network and is not affiliated with any particular country or company. Decentralization means that no single person owns Bitcoin and no one can control it. Anyone anywhere in the world can connect to the Bitcoin network.

The reason this market is so positive is because of its decentralized nature. It is expected that Bitcoin will never fall because it is controlled by its users and not by a particular person or entity.

Who Mines Bitcoin?

The answer to this question is miners. I suggest that you get acquainted with its terms before entering this market. Miners have to start solving difficult math trades with a series of complex processes. There are many miners in the world and every miner who can solve these equations is given a small portion of bitcoin. Solving equations by miners is not a chance but depends on the processing power and ability to solve the equations.

Because the number of bitcoins in the world is limited, there is a criterion called extraction difficulty for a processor not to solve equations quickly. Bitcoin blockchain blocks are generated every ten minutes. If the processing power of bitcoin miners is too high, it means that miners may be able to generate blocks and extract bitcoins in less than ten minutes.

For this reason, the extraction difficulty increases until it takes ten minutes to reach the solution of the equation. On the other hand, if the processing power of the miners decreases, that is, the block build time may be less than ten minutes, so in these cases the difficulty is reduced to reach the same ten minutes again.

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What is Bitcoin

The number of available bitcoins is 21 million, and after this amount, like banknotes, it can not be printed and created. On the other hand, during an event called Howing, the amount of bitcoins produced suddenly halves every four years. This will make it difficult to extract bitcoins in the coming years. 12.5 bitcoins are generated every ten minutes, which decreases to 6.25 after the next hawing, which is equal to May 99.

So far, more than 18 million bitcoins have been mined. All bitcoin units are expected to be mined by 2140.

What are the ways to extract bitcoins?

Now that we have talked about a number of issues with a lot of simplification, we move on to the main question of how to extract bitcoins.

Bitcoin is mined in two ways. Extract bitcoins directly or use companies that specialize in this field.

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