What movie to watch this weekend: From La La Land to 20,000 Days on Earth

From two documentaries, each of which has caught the attention of some music lovers, to a musical drama called Little Voice and a stunning film that should have won the Academy Award for Best Picture.

Music is a very valuable art that enters human life and affects it in different ways. Cinema also when it comes to a movie with a great soundtrack album or when it directly makes a movie with a focus on a few songs and their meanings (watch the great movie The Perks of Being a Wallflower so that maybe the song Heroes David Bowie Love Zenps 10 times more than before), is always tied to this art in some way.

The similarity of the four films on this list is that they are all closely related to music; What are the two documentaries of the last decade that attract the attention of the audience interested in the world of music in very different ways, and what are the two musical fiction films that cannot be separated from the original art both in the narrative and in the essence of the story? So it doesn’t matter if you are looking for stories or you are more interested in looking at facts from different angles. Because if you like music and cinema, you can go with at least one of these four movies.

A serious man driving on the bright streets of the city in the movie 20,000 Days on Earth

(2014) 20,000Days on Earth

نیک کیو, Is an actor, composer, singer, musician and writer who has played a significant role in popular culture for several years. Received the title of “Prince of Darkness”, he is known for his energetic and special music, which he presented to the world with Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, Grinderman and The Birthday Party. But even if none of this information is interesting to you, and you have not heard a single song from Nick Q, you still have a chance to enjoy such an acclaimed documentary.

Here, with the help of a great director, the audience really touches the feeling of being with the life of a well-known person; He hears her talk and sees real-life images that are well-filmed in top feature films. Of course, in the documentary, we look at other parts of the artist’s life rather than witnessing his own performances and art. That’s why accompanying the work in question is like stepping behind the scenes of a great live music performance; Take a look at some of the simplest parts of human life that become famous and popular when performing. In the middle of addressing some of Q’s tangible and serious concerns, this makes “Twenty Thousand Days on Earth” look like a very realistic and soothing drama, at least in a matter of minutes, rather than a documentary.

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Michael Kane smiling at the breakfast table in the movie Little Voice

(1998) Little Voice

The comedy-drama Little Voice tells the story of a human being who is saved from inner destruction by music. This story may sometimes seem too exaggerated and emotional, or it may be optimistic. But point by point there are small and large characters that can be understood the basic needs of each of them as a human being. As a result, Little Voice is full of positive and important emotions, even when it is not 100% believable.

For all people who sometimes relax and breathe while playing / reading or listening to music, Little Voice seems palpable and lovely. Because at the same time, he uses music as a bridge to bring the character to the future and a rope to keep him connected to the best memories of the past. There are many people for whom one or more particular songs at some point in their lives accomplish such a great task; To think about the past with a smile and take a step forward.

Really John McGregor Young and Michael Kane Middle-aged are also in the film; With appearances that are naturally full of novelty for many of today’s young audiences who have seen them in new films.

Freddie Mercury with a scarf next to other members of the legendary Queen in a documentary from the documentary Queen: Days of Our Lives

(2011) Queen: Days of Our Lives

There is nothing wrong with getting to know a legendary band with the help of a feature film. But if, after watching it, we go to an accurate documentary and get a more complete understanding, everything will definitely become more interesting.

Bohemian Rhapsody was made with many problems, including the director’s forced separation from the project as part of the production process. The ultimate expectation was that the film would receive relatively positive reviews from the public and reach sales of nearly $ 300 million, which could have been a huge success given its budget of approximately $ 55 million. But Bohemian Rhapsody nailed the world; The magic of sound Freddie Mercury And brilliant mapping Rami Malik Along with several other strengths, they worked to make Bohemian Rhapsody sell like crazy in the world; It made more than $ 900 million and about 18 times the budget.

Even now, most analysts agree that no movie about a band or a mythical figure in the music world can ever come close to selling. The success of Bohemian Rhapsody at the Oscars, Golden Globes and other major film awards ceremonies exceeded all expectations.

It must be admitted, however, that Bohemian Rhapsody manipulates and dramatizes reality in several respects and cannot be an accurate source for understanding the mythical group and its members. So see a documentary with the doctor Brian May، John Dicken And Roger Tyler It can take many audiences to get more acquainted with Quinn and Freddie Mercury. The main attraction of Queen: Days of Our Lives is that it does not rely only on interviews and includes attractive remodeled footage that showcases Queen’s live performances or music videos in the best possible way.

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However, even for those who know the Queen well and love her very much, the experience of watching the documentary Queen: Days of Our Lives will be fascinating. On the other hand, we have an audience that, thanks to this feature-length documentary, can greatly expand their knowledge of a part of rock music history.

Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone look at each other in front of musician Damien Chassell in La La Land

(2016) La La Land

Lamp of the city in a simple poster of the movie La La Land by Damien Chassell

From frames that each seem to be painted individually to music that is memorized and, more importantly, captivated. La La Land, which now shows its values ​​even more than before, far from the hustle and bustle of its release time, is considered one of the most important musicals of the 21st century. A work that has something to say in all the technical and artistic aspects of filmmaking and is full of scenes that show the magic of cinema. Because they rely beautifully on visual storytelling. Because they dare to challenge the audience and let him sometimes shape the story in his mind.

The result of combining all the strengths of the work is the formation of an extraordinary cinematic film centered on dreams, love and confrontation or their accompaniment; About choices that one might only imagine in one’s mind. La La Land movie Ryan Gosling And But Stone By starring in it, they officially became more important actors, it starts brilliantly and ends more brilliantly. For this reason, it is never too late to watch or personally review it.

Oscar has made a variety of mistakes in almost every era that have violated the rights of different artists and works of art in various ways. But perhaps for today’s audience, the pain of one of them will always be felt more than the rest. Because this ceremony unexpectedly won the Best Film of the Year award for the best film of the year, namely “La La Land”. دیمین شزل Gave and then took it back. Of course, the best film of each year will never need a 34.29 cm golden statue to prove its position as the best film of the year.

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