Where is the old bridge of Dezful | History + photos and access path

One of the attractions and sights of the brick city of Dezful is its historical and old bridge called Roman Bridge or Sassanid Bridge. This bridge, which dates back to the Sassanid era and the reign of Shapur, was renovated during the reigns of Dailami, Safavid and Pahlavi.

Get acquainted with the Sassanid bridge of Dezful:

Introducing the old bridge of Dezful

Dezful Sassanid Bridge

Photo source: Tasnim News Agency

The passage of your saddle bridge, with the right thought / good heart, is in the memory of God

From that bridge is the straight path / it does not slip that builds this bridge

Sheikh Mohammad Baqir Moezzi

If you have traveled to Dezful, you have seen a historical and old bridge over the Dez River during your tour; The bridge that led to the naming of this city to Dezful or Dezful ‌. Today, this bridge is known by several names such as Andameshk Bridge, Andamesh Bridge, Ronash Bridge, Old Bridge, Sassanid Bridge, Shapouri Bridge, Roman Bridge and Dezful Ancient Bridge.

Dezful Sassanid Bridge is one of the oldest bridges in the world that still retains its use

The Sassanid bridge of Dezful, which is one of the oldest bridges in the world, was a place of traffic for a decade ago and a passage for the cities of Shushtar, Andimeshk and Dezful. This bridge is the link between east and west of Dezful and even once was one of the important ways of communication between Jundishapur region and the land of Mesopotamia. In 1390, in order to preserve it, Dezful Municipality built a brick field bridge at the entrance and this bridge became a crossing point for pedestrians and tourists.

The Sassanid bridge of Dezful was included in the list of national monuments of Iran in 1310 with registration number 84.

Old Sassanid bridge of Dezful

Around view of Dezful Sassanid bridge

Photographer: Saman PourFalatoon

The ancient bridge of Dezful dates back to the Sassanid period. In 260 AD, when the first Sassanid Shapur won the war with Valerian, he used Roman captives to build a bridge over the river Dez. At his command, 70,000 Roman captives began construction of the bridge. To protect the bridge, a castle was built, which has a neighborhood of the same name (castle) in its old place. Because the Romans participated in the construction of the bridge, this bridge took the name of Rome and is also known as the Roman bridge. Of course, Roman Gershman, a French archaeologist, stated:

The Iranians did not need Roman engineering and used them as labor to build the bridge.

The Sassanid bridge of Dezful was built during the Sassanid period and by the order of the first Sassanid Shapur

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By building this bridge, Shapur provided the ground for his troops to march and cross the Dez River easily. They also built the foundations of the bridge as a dam so that they could raise the water level of the river and fill the surrounding streams with water. In addition, a huge communication highway was built with the construction of this bridge and bridges in Shushtar and on the Karkheh River.

Architecture of Sassanid bridge in Dezful

The openings of the old bridge of Dezful

Photographer: Saman PourFalatoon

Numerous books and sources refer to the Roman bridge in Dezful and its architecture. For example, George Curzon, one of the most famous British politicians, described the old bridge in Dezful:

In the western border of Bakhtiari soil and the final watershed of Dez, the interesting city of Dezful is located (Dezful-Dezpol). This name is due to the magnificent adjacent bridge, which undoubtedly belongs to the Sassanid period. The lower part of the bridge looks older than the stone and the upper part, which is made of brick, is 430 yards long and has twenty-two arches of different shapes and sizes.

The book of Khuzestan travelogue written by Haj Najm Al-Molk also states:

A huge bridge has been built over Dez from ancient times, which is a work of strangers. In general, it needs repair. The length of this bridge is three hundred and sixty cubits. It has two slopes with a length of thirty cubits, a width of seven cubits and a height of twelve cubits. The number of springs is twenty and the width of the springs is some five and some nine cubits.

The old bridge of Dezful, like other historical bridges, using materials such as brick, stone, mortar (consisting of ash, lime, sand and loam or river straw that is crushed, is eggs, goat hair and milk, which has the performance, efficiency and resistance of mortar. Raises) is built. In its construction, large sandstones around Shushtar have been used, which are connected with metal packages. This bridge has 14 spans and its length reaches 370 meters. From the main structure of the Sassanid bridge of Dezful, only its foundations remain, on which the current building of the bridge was built in the Safavid era. The anticlines of the bridge are also related to this period and the deck of the bridge, which is made of modern materials such as cement and metal, is related to the era of the first Pahlavi and Reza Shah.

Repair and reconstruction of Sassanid bridge in Dezful

Dezful Sassanid bridge lighting at night

Photographer: Saman PourFalatoon

The Sassanid bridge of Dezful has been severely damaged over time due to human events such as the imposed war and natural factors such as floods; But it still narrates its history and identity. The first restoration of this bridge is attributed to the fourth century and the rule of the Dilmians, which took place during the time of Az-Dawla Dailami. Later, in the Safavid era, the width of the bridge became wider for traffic, and during the Afshari and Qajar periods, repairs were made.

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Dezful Sassanid bridge has been repaired and rebuilt in Dailami, Safavid, Afshar, Qajar and Pahlavi periods

During the first Pahlavi period and after the First World War, Reza Shah released the bridge by paying expenses to the British government. Due to its historical importance, this bridge was nationally registered in 1310 and its image was even printed on national currencies, samples of which are kept in the National Bank Museum. In 1316, the bridge was repaired in its current form and became its current form.

Where is the Sassanid bridge of Dezful?

The area near the Sassanid bridge in Dezful

Photographer: Saman PourFalatoon

Rumi Bridge is located in Khuzestan province and is one of the sights of Dezful. This bridge is located on the Dez River between the two coastal parks of Rana and Valiasr and connects the east and west of Dezful.

  • Address of Dezful Sassanid Bridge: Dez River, between Rana Coastal Park and Valiasr Park (View on map)

New Dezful Bridge

New Dezful Bridge

Photo source: IRNA news agency

Apart from the old bridge of Dezful, there are other bridges on the Dez River, such as the floating bridge. The new Dezful Bridge is another of these bridges, which was built a short distance from the old bridge. This new bridge was named Sardar Soleimani in 2009. There are historical and water structures near the bridge that you can visit. Also, the presence of a restaurant nearby and its beautiful lighting at night will give you good memories of wandering in this brick city.

common questions

Where is the old bridge of Dezful?

The old bridge of Dezful is located on the river Dez between the parks of Rana and Valiasr.

What period does the old bridge of Dezful belong to?

The old bridge of Dezful belongs to the Sassanid era and has been repaired and rebuilt in different periods of Dailami, Safavid, Qajar and Pahlavi.

Where is the new Dezful bridge?

The new Dezful Bridge or Sardar Soleimani Bridge is located near the old bridge and is also known as Shariati Bridge.

Sassanid bridge belongs to which historical period?

The ancient bridge of Dezful dates back to the Sassanid period.

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