Woodside Energy, thanks to Amazon AWS, completes 10-day processing in 90 minutes

Woodside Energy (Woodside Energy, an Australian oil and gas company, announced in 2014 that it intended to welcome digital systems in particular. At the time, Woodside generated algorithmic energy experimentally to obtain accurate data on the health of some of its LNG (liquefied natural gas) plant components.

According to the statement Sein GregoryThe algorithm at the LNG plant was designed to allow the company to send its data through thousands of sensors into AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud servers. To be analyzed.

“When we saw that our system was performing well, we expanded the data transfer process to a larger scale through all the one million sensors available to us, and no problems arose,” Gregory told the media a few weeks ago. Woodside Energy, which was able to design such a system thanks to a platform provided by Amazon, signed a commercial contract with AWS earlier this year. in that time, Jason CrosanThe company has increased the total amount of data it receives through Internet of Things (IoT) sensors and robots, said the vice president of energy technology at Woodside Energy.

Also, Jason Crosan said, Wosside Energy is moving to data analysis and deploying other systems based on artificial intelligence and machine learning to reach a specific level of oil and gas production. A few days ago, Gregory provided more details about the business partnership between Wasside Energy and AWS. According to him, the two companies have been able to access the multi-core computers they had planned for him since the beginning of the partnership.

Sin Gregory says this achievement is not only technically significant; Rather, it solves one of the biggest problems of the oil and gas industry, which is obtaining seismic data and a lot of time to process this data. به‌باور Gregory, it usually takes 12 months to process such data; But he and his team members were able to reduce the time to 12 days. “Part of the problem is the process called FWI, which usually takes 10 days to run on supercomputers,” Gregory added. A team of AWS and Woodside energy experts defined the 3,200-square-kilometer seismic capacity and were able to complete the 10-day FWI process in 90 minutes.

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Gregory says using 1.1 million cores in three AWS datacenters has made the data processing process 150 times faster. This is the first time in the oil and gas industry that 1.1 million cores are used to perform such a process. Woodside Energy’s chief technology officer said the achievement was due to collaboration with AWS experts.

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