Xiaomi’s short teaser shows the May 11 performance in filming in dark environments

Xiaomi is said to be the world’s first smartphone maker to introduce the first Snapdragon 888 smartphone, Qualcomm’s latest flagship chip, in the near future. The Xiaomi Mi 11 series is rumored to be unveiled in China next week. In this regard, Xiaomi has just started the process of releasing the initial details of Xiaomi May 11 to excite users for the unveiling event of the phone.

According to Xiaomi, the May 11 series handsets support Wi-Fi 6 and the ability to support RAM They have LPDDR5. Xiaomi also released a short teaser to show us that its new devices have an improved night-shooting mode. You can see a sample video of the Xiaomi May 11 camera in night mode:

The video above shows a scene that is almost completely dark at first, but activating night video mode makes the final video much brighter. We do not know at this time whether Xiaomi used studio tricks to make the high video, but if the video above really shows the May 11 Night Mode feature, the phone’s camera will perform very well.

Apparently, Xiaomi’s May 11 capability for shooting in low-light environments differs from similar capabilities of other phones such as the Galaxy S20 or iPhone 12. Samsung and Apple have improved the ability to shoot video in low-light environments on their phones, but the improvements made to the Xiaomi May 11 seem to be limited to time-lapse videos. We’ve also seen other companies before, such as Huawei, use ultra-wide-angle sensors that rely on pixel blending to deliver better video in low-light environments.

Xiaomi has also indirectly announced that May 11 will take better photos in light environments. The poster you see in the image below was published by Xiaomi and refers to the “Computational Photography” technique on May 11th.

Xiaomi Mi 11 poster with computing focus

Keep in mind that today almost all the big phone brands, especially Apple and Google, use computational photography techniques to significantly improve image quality, so what Xiaomi is going to offer on May 11 is nothing new. However, the use of a starry sky in the poster above is an important point and indirectly indicates the existence of astronomical photography mode on May 11th.

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Earlier, Xiaomi had used astrophotography mode on some of its handsets. The May 10T Pro and a number of other Xiaomi phones have a Long Exposure mode that uses an option called Starry Sky so that the user can take pictures of the night sky. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

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