Zoom launches email service to compete with Outlook and Gmail

With the outbreak of coronary heart disease, many large and small businesses have asked their employees to work remotely and from home. Such measures, which of course were accompanied by self-quarantine or forced quarantine in some parts of the world, helped to improve the market for some goods, including computer peripherals, as well as communication software such as video calling applications.

Zoom is one of the video chat services that has become very popular in recent months and has become one of the most popular tools for ordinary users and businesses. Many users now use tools such as the zoom app to make video calls to friends and family, and small and large businesses use tools such as zoom to make calls to company members, customers, and even hold meetings.

Zoom’s success helped the company compete more seriously with technology giants such as Google and Microsoft, and even considered expanding its services. According to reports, Zoom wants to offer a service similar to Google Gmail or Microsoft Outlook for sending e-mail and increase competition with the world’s largest companies.

Unfortunately, Zoom executives have not provided further details about their email service, and it is unclear how the new Zoom service will differ from other companies’ email services. However, Zoom says they provide next-generation services to users. Zoom e-mail service is expected to be available to the public in early 2021. However, the terms of use are not yet known and we do not really know if the zoom email service also has a free version or if the user has to pay a fee to create an account.

Services such as Gmail and Outlook allow the user to create a free account and receive a fee for providing more services; But there are some services that you even have to pay to create an account. Zoom can also provide email service in either case; But it must be borne in mind that stubborn competitors are on the way to zoom; But Zoom is probably looking for more services to compete more seriously with the Microsoft Thames.

Microsoft Thames now offers a wide range of features, some of which are available with other Microsoft tools and services. Zoom also plans to move beyond video chat tools to create a professional business environment like Microsoft Thames.

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