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Now that a few weeks have passed since our first encounter with Tenet, it is a good opportunity to review and discuss the film again, away from the initial feelings and excitement. Stay tuned for the Tenet movie special zoom cast.

Tenet has all the known elements of Nolan’s previous work. The function of the element of time, the horror of terrorism, the women of noir film, parallel worlds, humanity and technology, and other elements that remind us of this filmmaker. But on the other hand, Nolan does not have the effective arrangements in his landmark works, Following, Memento, and Inception. By this I mean more about providing a clear incentive for the main character and paying special attention to understanding the importance of what the character wants and doing whatever it takes to achieve it. However, it can also be argued that this is largely intentional. Nolan seems to have deliberately tried not to pay special attention to his protagonist. But if we accept this hypothesis, we must see how effective this intention is.

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In this program, we have a conversation both from the point of view of the arrangements made by Nolan in the film Tenet‌ and from the opposite point of view. It is hoped that with complete mastery of all aspects of the film, we have finally been able to arrive at a correct analysis of the film. Let’s not forget to avoid general and excited comments about any filmmaker and always try to express our interests to others with the element of argument. Any comment on a work can only be examined through the argument behind it.

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